Proceedings of the ... Annual Meeting of the American Medical Editor's Association, Issue 40

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Page 53 - The editors of transactions of societies, whether these are sent to journals, or published in separate form, often commit numerous sins of omission in the matter of titles. The rule should be that every article which is worth printing is worth a distinct title, which should be as concise as a telegram, and be printed in a special type. If the author does not furnish such a title it is the editor's business to make it, and he should not be satisfied with such headings as "Clinical Cases," " Difficult...
Page 43 - This does not include the inaugural theses, of which 693 were published in France alone. The special characteristics of the literature of the present day are largely due to journals and transactions, and this is particularly true in medicine. Our periodicals contain the most recent observations, the most original matter, and are the truest representations of the living thought of the day, and of the tastes and wants of the great mass of the medical profession, a large part of whom, in fact, read...
Page 57 - Denn eben wo Begriffe fehlen, Da stellt ein Wort zur rechten Zeit sich ein.
Page 128 - To the above assertion we assent; and to this account we add, that the first proprietors abandoned it, and that it is the lowest now in circulation; and we submit the fact to the consideration 1796.
Page 128 - Britain ;" but it is libellous to add "it is the lowest now in circulation ; and we submit the fact to the consideration of advertisers ; " for that affects the sale of the paper and the profits to be made by advertising.
Page 55 - It may seem paradoxical, but there is truth in the statement that persons rarely die of the disease with which they suffer.
Page 44 - There must be specialities and specialists in medicine, and the results will be both good and evil; but the evils fall largely upon those specialists who have an insufficient general education, — who attempt to construct the pyramid of their knowledge with the small end as a foundation. It has been said by Dr. Hodgen that "in medicine a specialist should be a skilled physician and something more, but that he is often something else — and something less.
Page 128 - It is libellous to write and publish that a newspaper has a separate page devoted to the advertisements of usurers and quack doctors, and that the editor takes respectable advertisements at a cheaper rate if the advertisers will consent to their appearing in that page. Russell and another v. Webster, 23 W. R. 69. It is libellous to call the editor of a newspaper "a libellous journalist.
Page 128 - An article published in a newspaper falsely charging the publisher of another paper with being a party to a secret conclave, in which he sold the support and advocacy of his paper to certain corporations for a sum of money, is libellous. (Fitch v. DeYoung, 66 Cal. 339.) It is not libellous for one newspaper to call another "the most vulgar, ignorant and scurrilous journal ever published in Great Britain...
Page 44 - The appended tables give still further subdivisions, showing by nations the number of •works and journal articles upon the practice of medicine, surgery, obstetrics, hygiene, etc., for the years 1879 and 1880, and some of the figures will be found interesting. A marked increase has occurred in the literature of hygiene during the last two years, and this especially in England, France, Germany, and the United States. The literature of diseases of the nervous system, of ophthalmology, otology, dermatology,...

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