Proceedings of the Bar and Officers of the Supreme Court of the United States in Memory of Edward Douglass White, December 17, 1921


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37 페이지 - Patience and gravity of hearing is an essential part of justice; and an overspeaking judge is no well tuned cymbal. It is no grace to a judge first to find that which he might have heard in due time from the bar ; or to show quickness of conceit in cutting off evidence or counsel too short, or to prevent information by questions, though pertinent.
54 페이지 - Applying the rule of reason to the construction of the statute, it was held in the Standard Oil Case that as the words "restraint of trade" at common law and in the law of this country at the time of the adoption of the Anti-trust Act only embraced acts or contracts or agreements or combinations which operated to the prejudice of the public interests by unduly restricting competition or unduly obstructing the due course of trade or which, either because of their inherent nature or effect or because...
49 페이지 - Loan & Trust Co., 157 US 429, 158 US 601, which held the income tax provisions of the act of August 27, 1894 (28 Stat., c.
49 페이지 - Hylton case were adopted here, and, in the last case here decided, reviewing all the others, this court said that direct taxes within the meaning of the Constitution were only taxes on land and capitation taxes. And now, after a hundred years, after long-continued action by other departments of the government, and after repeated adjudications of this court, this interpretation is overthrown, and the Congress is declared not to have a power of taxation which may at some time, as it has in the past,...
85 페이지 - Larson commenced divorce proceedings against the taxpayer in the Second Judicial District Court of the State of Nevada (In and For the County of...
43 페이지 - ... modest bearing, his sense of kinship with his fellow-men, his wholesome outlook upon life, and his vigorous support of American institutions and ideals, no less than by the height of his intellect and the depth of his learning, he has left to his countrymen a memory at once an ennobling inspiration and a priceless example. It is further resolved that the Attorney General of the United States be requested to present these Resolutions to the Court and to move their inscription upon its records;...
54 페이지 - White are those defining the powers of Congress under the commerce clause of the Constitution and...
53 페이지 - ... rest in their essence upon the principle that death is the generating source from which the particular taxing power takes its being, and that it is the power to transmit, or the transmission from the dead to the living, on which such taxes are more immediately rested.
96 페이지 - Gheel, as a colony of the insane, has existed for a time " whereof the memory of man runneth not to the contrary,
85 페이지 - County, do hereby certify that the foregoing is a full, true and correct copy of the original Resolution No.

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