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During the interval between the lst and 2d series two pamphlets of Proceedings were published, 1880-1881, relating to the Jeanette Arctic expedition; also the 2 vols. (8 nos.) of the Bulletin, 1884/1886-1886/1887.

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Page 139 - H in its length. Occipital process somewhat roughened, about twice as long as its greatest width, its margin straight and oblique; the middle of the fontanel above the posterior part of the eye. Head everywhere covered with skin ; sides of the head and opercle with vermiculating canals.
Page 307 - ... Judge Burnet c mentions his intentions of visiting the South until the extra session. In the mean time the President directs that you will seduously urge upon the Government of the United States the necessity of immediately opening the negotiation for a treaty. This Department is not yet notified that the attention of the Government of the United States has been called to the Subject. If it is concluded on the part of that Government to open the negotiation at Washington it is important that...
Page 57 - Body slightly compressed posteriorly; head little wider than high; eye placed high, its diameter equaling length of snont, 4$ in head; profile little decurved; mouth large, oblique; maxillary extending below posterior margin of orbit, 2 in head ; intermaxillary anteriorly on a level with center of pupil; teeth all recurved, large, those of upper jaw in a narrow band ; teeth of outer and inner series enlarged, those of lower jaw similar, largest in front. No dermal flaps on shoulder girdle. Scales...
Page 77 - ... dusky; membrane of anal sprinkled with minute black points aggregated into black spots in places, and with opaque white spots; caudal transparent, having minute points, its upper half with opaque milk-white bars running obliquely downward and backward from ray to ray; lower half with interrupted longitudinal lines of opaque white, alternating with black spots; dorsal transparent, with white and dark dots most conspicuous between last rays; body marbled with light and darker.
Page 71 - ... all the others yellowish, the barbel nearest each angle of the mouth longer than any of the others; on the lower jaw a barbel near each rictus...
Page 301 - The plants received during the year have not yet been incorporated into the herbarium, but it is hoped that it will be possible to- do so during the present month.
Page 37 - ... minutes to swallow a squealing young rabbit, and finally fly away with the hind feet protruding. The dead bodies of murres are also eaten; they detach pieces of flesh by backing away and dragging the body, meanwhile shaking their heads, till a piece breaks off.
Page 61 - Body robust, head short and blunt; profile in front of eye abruptly decurved. rounded much as in (оЫия boJeosoma; mouth inferior, horizontal; lower jaw included; maxillary extending to below pupil, 2^ in head; lips thin; teeth short and thick, in a single series in each jaw. Dorsals contiguous; dorsal spines filamentous, the second and third longer than the rest, reaching past first third of second dorsal; last dorsal rays reaching base of caudal; pectorals equaling head iu length; ventral...
Page 275 - IND., June 5, 1895. To the Officers and Members of the Indiana State Medical Society: GENTLEMEN — At a meeting of the Vigo County Medical Society, held at Terre Haute, March 7, 1895, the following resolution was adopted: Resolved, That the president appoint a committee of three to draft resolutions and present them to the Indiana State Medical Society, memorializing Congress to have printed a revised edition of the " Medical and Surgical History of the War of the Rebellion.
Page 66 - H in head, the third, fourth, and fifth spines slightly exceeding the first in height, equaling the posterior rays of soft dorsal, which are little higher than the anterior rays of the soft dorsal ; caudal rounded, about 4 in length of body, 1J in head; ventral not reaching vent.

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