Proceedings of the Edinburgh Mathematical Society, Volume 2

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Scottish Academic Press, 1884 - Electronic journals
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Page 11 - Any two sides of a triangle are together greater than the third side.
Page 15 - The perpendiculars from the vertices of a triangle on the opposite sides are concurrent.
Page 11 - The opposite angles of a quadrilateral inscribed in a circle are together equal to two right angles, with converse.
Page 8 - The straight line, joining the points of bisection of two sides of a triangle, is parallel to the base.
Page 35 - The contour-line for a level immediately underneath that corresponding to the bar has a closed branch within the region of depression cut off. Thus the closed curve at I4, Fig. 24, is part of the contour-line ux. If a chart of an insular high-land be constructed as above indicated, a pass occurs at the node (see Fig. 24) of a figure-of-eight curve, (or out-loop curve, as Professor Cayley has termed it) ; while a bar occurs at the node of an in-loop curve. If, in Fig. 24, we interchange the summits...
Page 10 - В А С is equal to the angle В А' С, the angle BAG is likewise equal to the angle ED F. Therefore, &c. PROP. 1C. If two spherical triangles have the three angles of the one equal to the three angles of the other, each to each...
Page 13 - From this it follows at once, that the locus of the vertex of a triangle of constant area on a fixed base is a small circle.
Page 53 - If a perpendicular be drawn from the right angle to the hypotenuse of a right-angled triangle, and circles...
Page 16 - The perpendiculars from the vertices on the opposite sides of a triangle bisect the angles of the triangle formed by joining the feet of the perpendiculars.
Page 3 - This address will be found in The London, Edinburgh, and Dublin Philosophical Magazine and Journal of Science for January 1884, Fifth Series, vol.

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