Proceedings of the American Federation of Labor

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Pantagraph Print. and Stationery Company, 1889

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Page 3 - WHEREAS, A struggle is going on in all the nations of the civilized world between the oppressors and the oppressed of all countries, a struggle between the capitalist and the laborer, which grows in intensity from year to year, and will work disastrous results to the toiling millions if they are not combined for mutual protection and benefit.
Page 43 - Eight hours for work, eight hours for rest, and eight hours for what we will" emphasizes a turn-of-the-century trend toward (A) more daily devotion to religious activities.
Page 3 - The President shall direct the chief executive officers of three National or International Unions, at least ten days previous to the holding of the Annual Convention, to appoint one delegate each from their respective delegations-elect, who shall compose an Auditing Committee.
Page 35 - Be it further resolved.. That the secretary be instructed to forward a copy of this resolution to the Senators and Congressmen representing every State in the Union.
Page 9 - Christians boasted that the blood of the martyrs was the seed of the church.
Page 29 - Proposing an amendment to the Constitution of the United States, extending the right of suffrage to women.
Page 5 - Seven wage-workers of good character, following any trade or calling, who are favorable to Trade Unions, whose trade or calling is not organized, and are not members of any body affiliated with this Federation, who will subscribe to this Constitution, shall have the power to form a local body to be known as a "Federal Labor Union.
Page 24 - If a delegate, while speaking, be called to order, he shall, at the request of the chair, take his seat until the question of order is decided.
Page 3 - An American Federation of all National and International Trade Unions, to aid and assist each other; to aid and encourage the sale of union label goods, and to secure legislation in the interest of the working people, and influence public opinion, by peaceful and legal methods, in favor of organized labor.
Page 4 - Questions may be decided by division or a show of hands, but if a call of the roll is demanded by one-tenth of the delegates present, each delegate shall cast one vote for every one hundred members or major fraction thereof which he...

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