Proceedings of the Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons of the State of New York

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Page 80 - AHIMAN REZON | abridged and digested : | as a | Help to all that are, or would be | Free and Accepted Masons.
Page 52 - Unless our craft were good and our calling honorable, we should not have lasted for so many centuries, nor should we have been honored with the patronage of so many illustrious men in all ages, who have ever shown themselves ready to promote our interests and defend us from all adversaries.
Page 51 - I pour this oil as an emblem of peace. May its blessings abide with us continually, and may the Grand Master of Heaven and Earth shelter and protect the widow and orphan, shield and defend them from the trials and vicissitudes of the world, and so bestow His mercy upon the bereaved, the afflicted and the sorrowing, that they may know sorrowing and trouble no more. Amen. Response — So mote it be.
Page 94 - Masonic hall and asylum fund," a corporation created by chapter two hundred and seventy-two of the laws of eighteen hundred and sixty-four, entitled " An act to incorporate the trustees of the Masonic hall and asylum fund...
Page 39 - A MASON is obliged, by his tenure, to obey the moral law ; and if he rightly understand the art he will never be a stupid atheist nor an irreligious libertine.
Page 94 - A lodge of free and accepted masons duly chartered by and installed according to the general rules and regulations of the grand lodge of free and accepted masons of the state of New York; 2.
Page 78 - Books are a part of man's prerogative, In formal ink they thoughts and voices hold, That we to them our solitude may give, And make time present travel that of old. Our life fame pierceth longer at the end, And books it farther backward do extend.
Page 50 - Deputy Grand Master, what is the proper jewel of your office? Deputy Grand Master: The square. Grand Master : What are its moral and Masonic uses ? Deputy Grand Master: To square our actions by the square of virtue and prove our work.
Page 93 - AN ACT to amend chapter three hundred and fifty of the laws of eighteen hundred and, entitled " An act to amend chapter two hundred and seventy-two of the laws of eighteen hundred and sixty.four, entitled ' An act to incorporate the trustees of the masonic hall and asylum fund.
Page 84 - JACHIN AND BOAZ ; or, An Authentic Key to the Door of Freemasonry, both Ancient and Modern.

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