Proceedings of the London Mathematical Society, Volume 16

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London Mathematical Society, 1885 - Electronic journals
"Papers presented to J. E. Littlewood on his 80th birthday" issued as 3d ser., v. 14 A, 1965.

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Page 16 - ... and being irretrievably swallowed up by its soft matter." Now it does not seem to be as well known as it should be that no such thing as a marine Dinosaurian has yet been discovered, and that the numerous...
Page 28 - ... rotation. Hence the viscosity assumed by Delaunay, to produce the effect he attributes to it, must be more than ten million million million times the viscosity of water. How much more may be easily estimated with some degree of precision from Helmholtz's mathematical solution of the problem of finding the motion of a viscous fluid contained in a rigid spherical envelope urged by periodically varying couples.* The most interesting part of the application of this solution to the hypothetical problem...
Page 67 - This is the sense in which the word is used in the Bible, as in "The oxen . . . shall eat clean provender, which hath been winnowed with the shovel and with the fan
Page 3 - ... of Logic and Mathematics. Where is any consideration of this question to be found ? If I may be allowed to say more on a subject to which I have devoted a good deal of time and thought, I would make a few observations on this very important and yet very much neglected one. There is exact Science in two branches : the Analysis of the necessary Laws of Thought, and the Analysis of the necessary Matter of Thought. The necessary Matter of Thought, that without which we cannot think, consists of Space...
Page 7 - ... the following papers : — On the theory of screws in elliptic space (supplementary note), and on the theory of matrices, by A.
Page 63 - ... appear : — Ether squirts, by Karl Pearson, an attempt to specialize the form of ether motion which forms an atom. The main portion of the paper is devoted to an investigation of inter-atomic and inter-molecular forces. — On the matrix which represents a vector, by CH Chapman. The fundamental idea is that the linear and vector function of a vector is simply the matrix of the third order. — Sur une forme nouvelle de 1'equation modulaire du huitieme degre, par F. Brioschi. — The index to...
Page 15 - to show that the Ausdehnungslehre supplies all the necessary materials for a calculus of screws in Elliptic Space.
Page 6 - On the Function which denotes the difference between the number of (4m + l)-divisors and the number of (4m + 3) -divisors of a Number : JWL Glaisher, FES On a General Theory including the Theories of Systems of Complexes and Spheres : A.
Page 320 - WATSON and BURBURY : The Mathematical Theory of Electricity and Magnetism. By HW WATSON, D.Sc., FRS, and SH BURBURY, MA VOL. I. Electrostatics. 8vo.
Page 288 - The determinant, having for its matrix a given matrix less the same matrix considered as a single quantity involving the matrix unity, is equal to zero.

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