Proceedings of the Rhode Island Historical Society

Rhode Island Historical Society., 1887

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Sida 23 - England.". .Together with full Power and Authority to rule themselves, and such others as shall hereafter inhabit within any Part of the said Tract of land, by such a Form of Civil Government, as by voluntary consent of all, or the greater Part of them, they shall find most suitable to their Estate and Condition...
Sida 83 - France, at the close of the last century and at the beginning of this...
Sida 26 - By making herself an alarming example of what the unbridled rule of the multitude may come to, Rhode Island did much to bring the other States to adopt that Federal Constitution which she was herself the last to accept.
Sida 28 - And as concerning these Quakers (so called) which are now among us, we have no law among us whereby to punish any for only declaring by words, &c. their minds and understandings concerning the things and ways of God, as to salvation and an eternal condition.
Sida 54 - ... the Country in doing of such an act and execution : For we had never accusation brought in against us, but what rose from the Magistrates and the Ministers ; for we walked so, as to do no man wrong, only justified the cause of our Religion, as we had learned and received the principles thereof before we went amongst them ; as also the laws and government of this Kingdome of England unto which we ever willingly acknowledged...
Sida 29 - It doth not a little grieve my spirit to heare what sadd things are reported daily of your tyranny and persecutions in New England, as that you fyne, whip, and imprison men for their consciences.
Sida 23 - ... to choose, nominate and appoint such and so many others as they shall think fit and shall be willing to accept the same to be free of the said company and body, and them into the same to admit...
Sida 27 - ... revelations from Heaven ; people who thought it right to keep the seventh day of the week as a Sabbath instead of the first day ; people who cherished a special predilection for the Apocalypse and the Book of Daniel ; people with queer views about property and government ; people who advocated either too little marriage or too much marriage ; all such eccentric characters as are apt to come to the surface in periods of religious excitement found in Rhode Island a favoured spot where they could...
Sida 22 - We, whose names are here under-written, being desirous to inhabit in the town of Providence, do promise to submit ourselves, in active or passive obedience, to all such orders or agreements as shall be made for public good of the body, in an orderly way, by the major consent of the present inhabitants, masters of families, incorporated together into a township, and such others whom they shall admit unto the same, only in civil things.
Sida 43 - We passed the enemy's encampment in front of which all their regiments as well as the artillery were standing under arms. Not a man of them was regularly equipped. Each one had on the clothes which he was accustomed to wear in the field, the tavern, the church and in every day life.

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