Proceedings of the Royal Medical and Chirurgical Society of London, Volume 1

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Page 11 - Having become a Member of the College of Surgeons and a Licentiate of the Society of Apothecaries, he was for a year Obstetric Assistant under Dr.
Page 252 - I have had the honour to lay before The Queen the loyal and dutiful Address of the President...
Page 186 - By means of this operation the vertebrae can be readily examined, carious or necrosed bone can be removed, a ready and direct exit can be given to all morbid products ; an abscess situated in the psoas muscle or in the lumbar region can be evacuated while it is yet small and before it has led to a huge abscess cavity.
Page 252 - Sir, — I have had the honour to lay before the Queen the loyal and dutiful Address of the...
Page 248 - Dr. George Harley inserted a six-inch long French exploring trocar midway between the umbilicus and margin of the liver an inch and a half to the right of the median line. Its point being pushed upwards and backwards in the direction of the common bile duct, no hard substance was met with; on the stilette being withdrawn ascitic fluid came away, and the canula could be moved freely in all directions.
Page 249 - The signs of obstruction now began rapidly to disappear, and it was supposed that the operation had caused the stone to change its position in the duct, and had thus enabled it to pass along into the duodenum. Convalescence at once set in, but was of short duration, for an attack of enteritis supervened, followed by peritonitis, and the patient succumbed twentyseven days after the sounding, and twenty-four after the stone had evidently left the duct. At the autopsy the thirteen calculi shown to the...
Page 373 - It may be confidently asserted that there is no one who has seen much of cholera who does not know that, exclusive of the mildest forms of the disease, a case with little vomiting and purging is more malignant, and more rapidly fatal, than one in which these are prominent symptoms.
Page 4 - August 23, 1 839, and after being educated at the High School and the University of his native city, he entered the Geological Survey in 1861, and became a District Surveyor in 1869. "In those early days...
Page 210 - He had been under the care of several physicians, and had had the supra-orbital and infra-orbital stretched on various occasions. Looking to the success of the above cases I attempted to stretch these nerves again, but found on cutting down upon them, that the tissues were so matted together, as the result of the previous operations, that it was impossible to isolate them. An...

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