Proceedings of the Royal Physical Society of Edinburgh, Volume 8

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Page 110 - comparable with those which constitute so great a part and so characteristic a feature of Jurassic floras elsewhere. Stems belonging to this order, derived from the Scottish Oolite, have had their characters described in detail by Dr Carruthers in his monograph " On Fossil Cycadean Stems from the Secondary Rocks of Britain" (Trans. Linn. Soc., vol. xxvi.)
Page 252 - the way indicated. The inverted marls were at places much crushed and contorted. Murchison was inclined to consider the granite as the upheaving agent, but from what has been said it will be evident that the granite and the upheaval can have had no immediate connection. 9. DENUDATION AND AGE OF THE MODERN
Page 49 - oil-immersion. ; Fig. 8. Part of a transverse section through the gastric tube. Objective— Zeiss, fa oil-immersion. II. Notes on the Islands of Sula Sgeir, or North Barra and North Roņa, with a List of the Birds Inhabiting them. By JOHN
Page 114 - (P. lanceolatus var. genuinus), but that the leaflets " contract much more suddenly from their greatest breadth than those of lanceolata into a pseudo-footstalk ; and the contraction takes place, not almost equally on both sides, as in that species, but almost exclusively on the upper side.
Page 57 - 3 seen no face but that of his employer and his own family." In a note he also says, " On the appearance of our boat, the women and children were seen running away to the 1 Description of the Western Islands of Scotland, London, 1703, p. 19.
Page 110 - in the work above-named, and now preserved in the Hugh Miller Collection in the Edinburgh Museum of Science and Art, have not yet received detailed description or names. The following notice forms part of a general report on the systematic arrangement of British fossil Cycadaceous leaves, which has just been presented to the University of Edinburgh, and I am indebted
Page 326 - Mollusques vivants et fossiles. " Paris, 1845 & 1855. Gray, BMC Moll. Gray, JE, "Catalogue of the Mollusca in the Collection of the British Museum ; Part i., Cephalopoda Antepedia.
Page 311 - on Loligopsis and some other Genera. 317 edge medially ; ... two additional muscular commissures unite the lateral inner surfaces of the mantle to the sides of the siphon." This may be compared with the first sentence translated above from Steenstrup, and with d'Orbigny's description of his genus Loligopsis, 1 in which occur the following words :
Page 168 - on their sides and surface, that the glacier has flowed over them. Three lie near together ; their tops are polished and striated and littered over with moraine; they do not form part of a lateral or terminal moraine, but are in an open plain. Striation, stoss and lee seite—everything is just as it should be had the glacier flowed
Page 491 - TRAQUAIR, FRS, President, in the Chair. The following gentleman was elected an Ordinary Fellow of the Society : TF Robertson Carr. The following birds were exhibited by the Secretary on behalf of Mr

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