Proceedings of the Royal Society of London, Volume 38

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Page xx - Chemical Society in 1849; was several times a member of the Council of the Society; and was one of its Vice-Presidents at the time of his death. He was elected a Fellow of the
Page 99 - I think then that there is little doubt that under conditions closely resembling those of the interior of a glacier, and under the influence of forces comparable with those which gravity is capable of exerting in a glacier, hand specimens of ice shear in the same manner as a truly viscous solid would do.
Page 85 - abundantly present in their tentacles and elsewhere. It is not identical with any animal or plant chlorophyll, as is proved by adding reagents to its alcoholic solution. (6.) When " yellow cells" are present, there appears to be a suppression of those colouring matters which in other species are of respiratory use.
Page 392 - Whatever may be the true nature of things and of the conceptions which we have of them (as to which points we are not concerned in the memoir to inquire), in the operations of reasoning they are dealt with as a number of distinct entities or
Page 420 - One important lesson taught by the many anomalies unearthed in these researches is, that inferences drawn from spectrum analysis per se are liable to grave doubt, unless at every step the spectroscopist goes hand in hand with the chemist.
Page 427 - partly to the greater facility afforded for the escape of volatile matter when the fracturing of the rocks has produced an infinite number of cracks and crevices,
Page 73 - in the Chair. The Presents received were laid on the table and thanks ordered for them. The following Papers were read:— I. " On the Chemical Composition of the Cartilage occurring in certain Invertebrate Animals." By WD HALLIBURTON, MD, B.Sc. (Lond), Sharpey Physiological Scholar, University College, London. Communicated by
Page 370 - were, with the consent of the Society, nominated Scrutators to assist the Secretaries in examining the lists. The votes of the Fellows present were then collected, and
Page 391 - The results obtained by agitating -water with various solid materials show that a very great reduction in the number of suspended organisms may be accomplished by this mode of treatment, and the complete removal of all organisms by agitation with coke is especially worthy of notice.
Page 90 - in the Chair. The Presents received were laid on the table, and thanks ordered for them. The following Papers were read :— I. " On some Physical Properties of Ice and on the Motion of Glaciers, with special reference to the late Canon Moseley's objections to Gravitation Theories.

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