Proceedings of the Second Interdisciplinary Conference on Selected Effects of a General War - Volume 2

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DASA information and analysis center, General Electric, TEMPO, 1969 - Nuclear reactor accidents - 402 pages

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Page v - Department of Radiation Biology and Biophysics, University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry, Rochester, New York 14620.
Page 21 - This study is a joint venture of the Division of Medical Sciences of the National Research Council and the National Archives and is being financed with a grant from the John and Mary R.
Page 175 - ... from all culture bordering on the seas, and this includes the Great Lakes. We now know just enough about the oceans to realize how much we do not know. The CHAIRMAN. Well, the chairman sometimes has made talks or speeches on this subject, and I have usually started out with the statement that we know more about the back side of the moon than we do about three-quarters of the earth's surface.
Page 399 - Neoplasms in persons treated with X-rays in infancy for thymic enlargement. A report of the third follow-up survey.
Page 146 - ... banks of the Reserve System do. Whether they are members or not, and have to buy stock, and have to comply with the •other requirements, is not too important, and I would certainly be willing to waive that. Mr. WOLCOTT. One other question. This $5,000,000,000 overdraft authority of the Treasury, I don't know whether you want to get into that or not, but that expires this next year. I think you sponsored that, didn't you ? Mr. ECCLES. That is right. Mr. WOLCOTT. Do you think it should be continued...
Page 38 - May air burst 1956 (15 megaton) westerly direction, and seven or eight minutes later a loud explosion was heard. Afterwards it was learned that the flash and explosion had been caused by the hydrogen bomb test at Bikini Atoll. About three hours after the explosion, fine dust began to fall on the boat. The falling of dust lasted for several hours and ceased towards noon. The boat as well as the fishermen and the fishes caught by them were covered with a white sheet of fine dust. After a two weeks
Page 38 - Japanese fishermen on board the fishing boat, No. 5 Fukuryu Maru, were engaged in fishing in the Middle Pacific about 90 miles north-east of Bikini Atoll, when a reddish white flash was seen on the horizon in a west-south-westerly direction, and seven or eight minutes later a loud explosion was heard.
Page 4 - ... will endeavor to summarize our Interest In Senate bill 1773 and the reasons why be support It. In doing so, I will probably be required to cover ground with which you are well acquainted. However, I beg your Indulgence In order that a lucid picture of the shipping problem as it affects us may emerge. I am sure that all of you are aware of the fact that the lumber Industry has fallen on lean times. The reasons for this sad state of affairs are varied. I will touch on a few of them. Mechanization...
Page 4 - ... scientific meeting— the meeting at which there is a series of papers read at the group, one after another and then, if any discussion really gets going, the chairman invariably has to say: "I am sorry to have to interrupt this fascinating, most important discussion, but we are 20 minutes behind in our agenda and I must call on Professor So-and-So to make another speech at you.
Page iii - ... 205 GEORGE NICHOLS, JR., Discussion leader GENERAL SESSION 1 255 MARSHALL R. URIST AND FRANKLIN C. MCLEAN, Discussion leaders GENERAL SESSION II 327 MARSHALL R. URIST AND FRANKLIN C. MCLEAN, Discussion leaders REFERENCES 359 INDEX 371 INTRODUCTION The Second Conference on Biology of Hard Tissue, under the auspices of the New York Academy of Sciences Interdisciplinary Communications Program, was held at Pacific Palisades, Calif., with Dr. Marshall R. Urist and Franklin C. McLean as Cochairmen....

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