Proceedings of the Society of Biblical Archaeology, Volume 7

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Page 8 - He says : I have done the behests of men and the will of the gods, wherefore I have given bread to the hungry, and I have satisfied the indigent. I have followed 12. the god in his temple, my mouth hath not spoken insolently against my superior officers, there hath been no haughtiness in my step, but I have walked measuredly (gradatim), I have performed the law beloved by the king.
Page 69 - I am the Egg of the Great Cackler [Seb, the father of Uasar ; his emblem was the goose.] 4 I have watched this great egg which Seb prepared for the earth.
Page 88 - Mareb, made a vast mound or dam9 to serve as a basin or reservoir to receive the water which came down from the mountains, not only for the use of the inhabitants, and watering their lands, but also to keep the country they had subjected in greater awe by being masters of the water. This building stood like a mountain above their city, and was by them esteemed so strong, that they were in no apprehension of its ever failing. The water rose to the height of almost...
Page 84 - And the LORD turned a mighty strong west wind, which took away the locusts, and cast them into the Red sea; there remained not one locust in all the coasts of Egypt.
Page 43 - November, 1884. 8vo. London. From the Royal Institute of British Architects : — The Proceedings. Session 1884-85.
Page 4 - WRIGHT, BA, DD With Decipherment of Hittite Inscriptions by Professor SAYCE, LL.D.; a Hittite Map by Col. Sir CHARLES WILSON, FRS, and Captain CONDER, RE ; and a complete Set of Hittite Inscriptions by WH RYLANDS, FSA Royal 8vo, cloth, 17s.
Page 4 - From Egypt to Palestine : Through Sinai, the Wilderness, and the South Country. Observations of a Journey made with Special Reference to the History of the Israelites. By SC BARTLETT, DD, LL.D.
Page 4 - Aus dem Jahrgange 1884 der Sitzungsberichte der phil.-hist. Classe der Kais. Akademie der Wissenschaften (CVI Bd., I.
Page 46 - II tut rf qa r neter neb* the shape to him is the eidolon of god every This would show that ka was the shape of every god. My object, however, is not to discuss the ka, which has been already amply done by Mr. Le Page Renouf and M. Maspero. but to analyse the nature of the %aibit or ' shade
Page 62 - London's Roll of Fame : being Complimentary Notes and Addresses from the City of London on presentation of the Honorary Freedom of that City, and on other occasions, to Royal Personages, Statesmen, Patriots, &c., with their replies and acknowledgements.

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