Proceedings of the Third Workshop on Science with the New Generation of High Energy Gamma-ray Experiments: Cividale Del Friuli, Italy, 30 May-1 June 2005

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World Scientific, 2006 - Science - 228 pages
Introduction -- I. Detectors for high-energy gamma-rays. First results from the MAGIC experiment / D. Bastieri for the MAGIC collaboration. H.E.S.S. / P. Vincent for the H.E.S.S. collaboration. CANGAROO / M. Mori for the CANGAROO-II, III Team. The status of VERITAS / M. K. Daniel on behalf of the VERITAS collaboration. Gamma ray bursts: recent results obtained by the SWIFT mission / G. Chinearini on behalf of the SWIFT team. Functional tests and performance characterization during the assembly phase of the modules of the AGILE silicon tracker / M. Basset ... [et al.]. Status of GLAST, the gamma-ray large-area space telescope / L. Rochester on behalf of the GLAST team. Status of the ARGO-YBJ experiment / P. Camarri for the ARGO-YBJ collaboration. Gamma Air Watch (GAW) - an imaging atmospheric Cherenkov telescope large with large field of view / T. Mineo ... [et al.] -- II. Topics in fundamental physics. Frontiers of high energy cosmic rays / M. Pimenta. Measurement of cosmological parameters / A. Balbi. The present and the future of cosmology with gamma ray bursts / G. Ghirlanda, G. Ghisellini. Supersymmetry breaking, extra dimensions and neutralino dark matter / A. M. Lionetto. Dark matter at [symbol]-rays / L. Pieri. Populations of subhalos in cold dark matter halos / E. Bisesi -- III. Multiwavelength observations. WEBT multifrequency support to space observations / C. M. Raiteri and M. Villata for the WEBT collaboration. REM - The Remote Observatory for GRB et al. / E. Molinari on behalf of the REM/ROSS team. Planck-LFI: operation of the scientific ground segment / F. Pasian ... [et al.]. INTEGRAL three years later / L. Foschini, G. Di Cocco, G. Malaguti. XMM observations of Geminga, PSR B1055-52 and PSR B0656+14: phase resolved spectroscopy as a tool to investigate the X-[symbol] connection / P. A. Caraveo ... [et al.] -- IV. Poster session. Software time-calibration of the ARGO-YBJ detector / A. K. Calabrese Melcarne for the ARGO-YBJ collaboration. Gamma-ray burst physics with GLAST / N. Omodei. Observations of blazars and EGRET sources with INTEGRAL / V. Vitale ... [et al.]. A third level trigger programmable on FPGA for the gamma/hadron separation in a Cherenkov telescope using Pseudo-Zernike moments and the SVM classifier / M. Frailis ... [et al.]. PulsarSpectrum: simulating gamma-ray pulsars for the GLAST mission / M. Razzano ... [et al.]

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Recent Results Obtained by the SWIFT Mission
Status of GLAST the Gammaray LargeArea Space Telescope
Gamma Air Watch GAW An Imaging Atmospheric Cherenkov
Measurement of Cosmological Parameters
Supersymmetry Breaking Extra Dimensions and Neutralino
Populations of Subhalos in Cold Dark Matter Halos
REM The Remote Observatory for GRB et al
INTEGRAL Three Years Later
Software TimeCalibration of the ARGOYBJ Detector
Observations of Blazars and EGRET Sources with INTEGRAL
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