Proceedings of the United States National Museum, Volume 7

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United States National Museum, 1885 - Alcidae - 9 pages

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Page 170 - On a Collection of Birds made by Messrs. JE Benedict and W. Nye, of the United States Fish Commission Steamer "Albatross.
Page 438 - Preopercle finely serrate above, the teeth coarser at the angle. Scales comparatively large, the rows in horizontal series below the lateral line, those above running parallel with the lateral line until below the soft dorsal, where they become slightly irregular and oblique ; 7 rows of scales on cheek ; an embedded row on interopercle...
Page 462 - ... band of villiform teeth, outside of which is a row of enlarged, but comparatively small teeth; no canines; lower jaw with one series somewhat stronger than outer teeth of upper jaw; inside of these is a rather broad villiform band of teeth in front of jaw only; tongue with a very broad irregularly ovate patch of teeth, its width almost as great as width of tongue...
Page 57 - Maxillary and mandibulary bones very thin, slender, arched, armed with one or two series of long, slender, curved, widely-set teeth, their points being directed inwards ; palate toothless. Gill-openings wide, at some distance from the head, at the lower part of the sides ; gills very narrow, free, and exposed. Trunk of moderate length. Stomach distensible in an extraordinary degree. Vent at the end of the trunk.
Page 409 - Month narrow ; the bones of the upper jaw generally firmly united. A soft dorsal fin, belonging to the caudal portion of the vertebral column, opposite to the anal ; sometimes elements of a spinous dorsal besides. Ventral fins none or reduced to spines. Air-bladder without pneumatic duet.
Page 438 - ... diameter of eye; lower jaw with a single row of rather small teeth, usually largest on side of jaw, where some of them are almost caninelike; within these is a very narrow band of villiform teeth in front of jaw only; tongue with a broad oval patch of teeth, scarcely twice as broad as long...
Page 436 - L. c<ms, in nearly horizontal series below, and obliquely upward and backward above the lateral line ; about 7 or 8 rows of scales on the cheek ; 1 row on interopercle, 1 on subopercle, and 7 on opercle. About 3 rows of large scales on the temporal region. Top of head, snout, and jaws naked. Tubes of lateral line branched. Bases of soft dorsal and anal scaly. Dorsal spines rather strong, the outline of the fin evenly curved, the fourth and fifth spines longest, 2 in head; the tenth spine 4 in head.
Page 443 - This handsome species is rather common in the markets of Havana, where it is known as Pargo de lo Alto. When fresh it may always be known by the bright yellow color of the eye, a color which does not entirely fade in spirits. It is evidently the Mesoprion aya of Cuv.
Page 273 - The changes of nomenclature have invariably been made in obedience to the rules of the British and American associations for the advancement of science.

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