Proceedings of the United States National Museum, Volume 7

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United States National Museum, 1885 - Alcidae - 9 pages

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Page 327 - What these relations shall be is one of the most interesting, and, at the same time, one of the most difficult, of the many problems with which we, or our successors, must deal.
Page 172 - On a Collection of Birds made by Messrs. JE Benedict and W. Nye, of the United States Fish Commission Steamer "Albatross.
Page 457 - ... brick-red, the caudal narrowly margined with black and little bronzed above ; dorsal reddish along the rays and tips of membranes, otherwise yellowish ; distinct lateral blotch just above the lateral line and below the first soft ray on dorsal, about as large as pupil, smaller than in other species similarly marked, and seldom disappearing with age; axil and bar across base of pectoral above, pale or dusky olive. In spirits the markings become fainter, the lateral blotch and the bluish streaks...
Page 438 - ... very large, almost as long as pupil; lower jaw with a narrow villiform band in front only, and an enlarged series outside, these largest on side of jaw, where some of them are somewhat...
Page 411 - Month narrow ; the bones of the upper jaw generally firmly united. A soft dorsal fin, belonging to the caudal portion of the vertebral column, opposite to the anal ; sometimes elements of a spinous dorsal besides. Ventral fins none or reduced to spines. Air-bladder without pneumatic duet.
Page 440 - ... diameter of eye; lower jaw with a single row of rather small teeth, usually largest on side of jaw, where some of them are almost caninelike; within these is a very narrow band of villiform teeth in front of jaw only; tongue with a broad oval patch of teeth, scarcely twice as broad as long...
Page 445 - This handsome species is rather common in the markets of Havana, where it is known as Pargo de lo Alto. When fresh it may always be known by the bright yellow color of the eye, a color which does not entirely fade in spirits. It is evidently the Mesoprion aya of Cuv.
Page 459 - ... in head; dorsal spines very slender; second anal spine longer than third, very small, 7 in head; soft dorsal and anal low, scaly; caudal fin rather deeply forked, the middle rays not half the length of the outer, which are 1J in head.
Page 275 - The changes of nomenclature have invariably been made in obedience to the rules of the British and American associations for the advancement of science.

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