Proceedings of the United States National Museum, Volume 7

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United States National Museum, 1885 - Alcidae - 9 pages

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Page 329 - What these relations shall be is one of the most interesting, and, at the same time, one of the most difficult, of the many problems with which we, or our successors, must deal.
Page 449 - ... the caudal narrowly margined with black and little bronzed above ; dorsal reddish along the rays and tips of membranes, otherwise yellowish; distinct lateral blotch just above the lateral line and below the first soft ray on dorsal, about as large as pupil, smaller than in other species similarly marked, and seldom disappearing with age; axil and bar across base of pectoral above, pale or dusky olive. In spirits the markings become fainter, the lateral blotch and the bluish streaks on head usually...
Page 174 - On a collection of birds made by Messrs. JE Benedict and W. Nye, of United States Fish Commission Steamer Albatross.
Page 311 - ... streaks from eye to above gill-opening; another beginning on top of snout on each side, passing above eye, and extending parallel with the first-mentioned stripe straight to last ray of dorsal, where it meets its fellow of the opposite side; a dark streak from tip of snout along median line to front of anal ; very bright specimens show a narrow yellow stripe following each series of scales on...
Page 433 - ... are almost caninelike; within these is a very narrow band of villiform teeth in front of jaw only; tongue with a broad oval patch of teeth...
Page 134 - ... distinctly greenish; middle of sides paler; sides with about 12 distinct blackish vertical bars, rather narrower than the interspaces, most distinct over front of anal; a brownish stripe along base of dorsal; spinous dorsal with alternate stripes running upward and backward, of dark blue and bronze olive, the two colors of about equal width; soft dorsal with a bluish streak on the anterior side of each ray, and a bronze stripe behind it; linn very dark, often almost black.
Page 433 - These latter individuals are much redder than those found in shoal water; their general color is paler and the body is in general a trifle less elongate. Such correspond to the form named Lutjanus stearnsi.
Page 249 - The nostrils are much farther from the eyes than from each other, their distance from the eyes being contained 4 times in the length of the head. The length of the upper jaw is...
Page 461 - Interorbital space slightly concave, 4 in head, the supraorbital ridges prominent. Upper jaw with a narrow band of villiform teeth, outside of which is a row of moderate teeth, the two...
Page 454 - ... in head ; upper jaw with a narrow band of villiform teeth, outside of which is a single series of larger...

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