Proceedings of the United States Naval Institute, Volume 11, Part 1

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The Institute, 1885 - Naval art and science

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Page 50 - Thou, too, sail on, O Ship of State ! Sail on, O UNION, strong and great ! Humanity with all its fears, With all the hopes of future years, Is hanging breathless
Page 87 - Should any package show outward signs of any oily stain, or other indication that absorption is not perfect, or that the amount of nitro-glycerine is greater than the absorbent can carry, the packages must be refused in every instance, and must not be allowed to remain on the property of the company. Third. Nitrate
Page 87 - on top, and on one side or on one end. Second. It is understood that in these articles the nitro-glycerine is thoroughly absorbed in charcoal, sawdust, infusorial earth, wood fibre, carbonate of magnesia, or other similar substances, and that the amount of nitro-glycerine is such that the temperature of the hottest summer day will not occasion
Page 88 - Ninth. Every car containing any of the above explosive substances, either full carload or small package, must be plainly marked on both sides, " Powder—Handle Carefully," so that those having charge of it will not do anything ignorantly to incur danger. This should be done by the shipper of full carloads and by the agent when the packages are loaded in car at his station.
Page 87 - powders, will be received for shipment only under the following conditions : First. Shipments to be packed in strong boxes, not too large to be readily handled by one person, and each package to be plainly marked
Page 10 - shall be forthwith dismantled and no other vessels of war shall be there built or armed,
Page 88 - should be careful to see that such shipments are put up, marked and forwarded only under their proper names, and in accordance with these provisions.
Page 88 - explosive substance, unless Rules 8 and 9 have been complied with, and such cars must be placed in their train as near the middle as possible.
Page 10 - shall in no respect interfere with the proper duties of the armed vessels of
Page 87 - or other explosive preparations not in accordance with above specifications (except ordinary black powder) will in no case be received for shipment. Fourth. Shipments must be loaded so as to lie bottom side down, it being understood that the cartridges are so placed in the boxes that they will lie on their sides, and never on their ends when so loaded. The boxes must be so placed in

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