Profiteering: Webster's Quotations, Facts and Phrases

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Icon Group International, Incorporated, Dec 19, 2008 - 25 pages
Familiar Quotations ProfiteeringIn time of war the loudest patriots are the greatest profiteers.ndash;August BebelUnder the rules of a society that cannot distinguish between profit and profiteering, between money defined as necessity and money defined as luxury, murder is occasionally obligatory and always permissible.ndash;Lewis H. Lapham Use in Literature ProfiteeringBut the average man on the Clyde, like the average man in ither places, hates just three things, and that's the Germans, the profiteers, as they call them, and the Irish.ndash;John Buchan in Mr. Standfast.No, the place must go its way to some peer or profiteer. It had been a bone of contention from the first, the shell of the feud and with the woman gone, it was an empty shell.ndash;John Galsworthy in To Let.But a few more years of profiteering, and Conservatives would have become Reds.ndash;Franklin K. Lane in Letters of Franklin K. Lane.Nobody wants to profiteer.ndash;D.H. Lawrence in Touch and Go.Only the fences, profiteers, confidence men, defrauders, swindlers, most of the bankrupts and some of the pimps, remained indifferent.ndash;Alfred Lichtenstein in The Prose of Alfred Lichtenstein.Finally, during the Crusades, the Italian cities had become the point of embarkation for the Crusaders and had profiteered to an almost unbelievable extent.ndash;Hendrik van Loon in The Story of Mankind.These are the real profiteers, and in the last analysis they add to their dishonesty an essential cruelty, though often they are pillars of the church.ndash;Abraham Myerson in The Foundations of Personality.At tea parties he would refer to Lord This and Lady That as intimate friends, whereas he had only been introduced to them by some fat wife of a fatter profiteer.ndash;William Le Queux in Mademoiselle of Monte Carlo.I have some urgent business to discuss with her before your profiteer friends arrive.ndash;William Le Queux in Mademoiselle of Monte Carlo.

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