Progressive Colloquial Exercises in the Lushai Dialect of 'Dzo' Or Kki Language: With Vocabularies and Popular Tales (notated)

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Calcutta Central Press Company, 1874 - Ijo language - 90 pages

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Page 72 - Here it is," said the hay-cock. So the old woman took it to the cow. The cow gave her some milk. She took it to the cat. The cat drank it. Then the cat began to kill the rat, The rat began to gnaw the rope, The rope began to hang the butcher, The butcher began to kill the ox, The ox began to drink the water, The water began to put out the fire, The fire began to burn the stick, The stick began to beat the dog, . The dog began to bite the pig, And the pig jumped over the stile.
Page 79 - that veneration shooteth from the eye, and that this way a basilisk may empoison, is not a thing impossible ; but that this destruction should be the effect of the first beholder or depend on priority of aspection is a point not easily to be granted.' The flesh of this snake (which is a species of python) is eaten by the Hill folk, and the fat of the reptile is held to be a sovereign cure for all cuts and wounds, as well as for more obscure diseases. In the household tales and fireside stories of...
Page 72 - The maid began to scold the cat, the cat began to kill the rat, the rat began to gnaw the rope...
Page 1 - I would invite attention , nevertheless , to the subjoined comparative list of words, which would seem to give strength to the theory above propounded ; it at least , I think, gives reasonable grounds for considering the...
Page 83 - If't please your lordship : but he's instantly To take the air here in the gallery By my direction. PESCARA. Pray thee, what's his disease? DOCTOR. A very pestilent disease, my lord, They call [it] lycanthropia.
Page 79 - That this venenation shooteth from the eye, and that this way a basilisk may empoison, although thus much be not agreed upon by authors, some imputing it unto the breath, others unto the bite, it is not a thing impossible...
Page 82 - Bible when they mention that the " Sons of God saw the daughters of men that they were fair and they took them wives of all which they chose " (Genesis), and " the Sons of God came in unto the daughters of men and they bare children to them.
Page 71 - The man became angry and (with one stroke of his dao) cut down a clump of big bamboos; a fruit fell from the bamboos and struck a bird on the nape of the neck ; the bird (in his pain) scratched up an ant's nest with his feet ; the ant (irritated) bit a wild boar in the eye, and the boar (rushing off with one toss of his head) bore down a plantain tree where a bat dwelt under a leaf ; the bat (terrified) sought refuge in the ear of an elephant...
Page 79 - The right of rule is hereditary, that is, only men descended from a certain family can be chiefs. It does not, however, follow that all members of this ruling race should be chiefs, on the contrary, it is only those who are specially gifted and endowed with the capacity of drawing men to...
Page 1 - Kk is foreign to the different dialects of the hill tribes, the nearest approach to it being the 'Dzo' term for the Tipra tribe, which is called by them Tui-Kuk.

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