Progressive geography

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Page 127 - A Dictionary of the English Language, containing the Pronunciation, Etymology, and Explanation of all Words authorized by Eminent Writers. To which are added, a Vocabulary of the Roots of English Words, and an accented list of Greek, Latin, and Scripture Proper Names. By ALEXANDER REID, LL.D., late Head Master of the Edinburgh Institution.
Page 142 - Caron's Principles of French Grammar. With numerous Exercises. 2s. KEY, 2s. Spectator. — " May be recommended for clearness of exposition, gradual progression, and a distinct exhibition to the mind through the eye by means of typographical display: the last an important point where the subject admits of it.
Page 134 - A carefully compiled history for the use of schools. The writer has consulted the more recent authorities: his opinions are liberal, and on the whole just and impartial : the succession of events is developed with clearness, and with more of that...
Page 146 - COUNT SAFFI, Professor of the Italian Language at Oxford. — " I have adopted your Grammar for the elementary instruction of students of Italian in the Taylor Institution, and find it admirably adapted to the purpose, as well for the order and clearness of the rules, as for the practical excellence and ability of the exercises with which you have enriched it.
Page 141 - Critical Remarks, in which the various methods of pronouncing employed by different authors, are investigated and compared with each other. The second' Part, containing a copious Vocabulary of English words and expressions, with the pronunciations according to Walker.
Page 143 - Summary for the use of Learners and a chapter on Accents. 4s. 6d. Greek Grammar for the Use of Colleges and Schools.
Page 134 - Dr White is remarkably happy in combining convenient brevity with sufficiency of information, clearness of exposition, and interest of detail. He shows great judgment in apportioning to each subject its due amount of consideration.
Page 135 - Elements of General History, Ancient and Modern. To which are added, a Comparative View of Ancient and Modern Geography, and a Table of Chronology. By ALEXANDER PHASER TYTLER, Lord Woodhouselee, formerly Professor of History in the University of Edinburgh.
Page 134 - ... in subordination to the rest of the narrative, the growth of Law and of the Constitution. History of England for Junior Classes ; with Questions for Examination. Edited by HENRY WHITE, BA Trinity College, Cambridge, MA and Ph.D.
Page 133 - I. Outlines of Mathematical and Physical Geography. II. Physical, Political, and Commercial Geography of the British Islands.

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