Project Radiohead: A Tale of Deception

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AuthorHouse, Jan 1, 2003 - Fiction - 304 pages
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The "Los Angeles Times," January 29, 2005, "In 2001, President Vladimir V. Putin signed into law a bill making it illegal to employ electromagnetic, infrasound...and other weapons of "psychotronic influence" with intent to cause harm." Gorbachev (former leader of the Soviet politburo, leader of Russia, Nobel prizewinner) stated in 1986: "new non-nuclear weapons (such as) wave, infrasonic...which, in terms of their destructive potential, could be less dangerous than already existing weapons of mass destruction. V.N. Lopatin, former Russian Duma member, in 2006 said about mind control weapons: "Entering a new century, humankind is facing a choice between war and peace again, but this time this is not a land or space war, not nuclear or chemical but an information war." An entertaining, unique and compelling psychological thriller about mind control today. A graduate student embarks on a quest to find the true cause of her mother's death and her father's supposed mental illness. Based reportedly on facts, this story goes further about science than similar bestsellers such as Orwell's 1984.

Cheryl Welsh, the only American recognized as one of 6 worldwide experts by the United Nations, Geneva, for weapons disarmament, non-lethal electromagnetic weapons (along with nuclear, biological and chemical only) wrote about Project Radiohead 2004: "This is certainly a landmark in the history of mind control research worldwide." Since publication, India's top forensic scientist recently released at the highest levels of their government that they are using nonlethal electromagnetic weapons.

Stephen believes his 138-page website, March 12, 2000-02, hosted by, 4,000 visitors, including almost entirely brand new writing worldwide about nonlethal electromagnetic weapons was the single key reason Russian research about these weapons was sent to Cheryl Welsh during 2001, roughly a year after Stephen's site appeared. This is a large contribution by Stephen alone to America also to America and the world. Stephen believes the Russians have done more than any country that affects the good of Russia and the world regarding nonlethal electromagnetic weapons.

Scientific American, "The Forgotten Era of Brain Chips: Jose Delgado, a professor of physiology at Yale University, was among the world's acclaimed-and controversial-neuroscientists. In 1970 "The New York Magazine" hailed him in a cover story as the "impassioned prophet of a new psycho-civilized society whose members would influence and alter their own mental functions." The article, added, though, that "some of Delgado's Yale colleagues saw frightening potentials" in his work.

John St. Clair Akwei, an official of the US government (Department of Defense) who would know, testified under sworn oath in federal Court, Virginia, 1984, that "the CIA is able to imitate the voices of schizophrenia."

"US News and World Report, "Cold War Experiments," by Stephen Budiansky, Erica E. Goode and Ted Gest, 2/24/1994, "On June 1, 1951, top military and intelligence officials of the United States, Canada and Great Britain, alarmed by frightening reports of communist success at "intervention in the individual mind..".and they seemed to be able to...control the thoughts of entire populations."


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