Promoting Your Acting Career: A Step-by-step Guide to Opening the Right Doors

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Allworth Press, 2004 - Performing Arts - 245 pages
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This is the definitive insider's guide to getting ahead in the worlds of theater, film, and commercials. Packed with both innovative strategies and practical advice, it covers how to obtain the perfect headshot; prepare for interviews and auditions; select flattering monologues; create professional-looking resumes and cover letters; compose promotional mailings and videos; produce an original play, video or film; launch a theater company; and much more. New sections include information on actor training; voice, speech and voiceovers; using the Internet for self-promotion; daytime serials; and interviews with working professionals from every realm of entertainment.

• "Those looking for the best ways to create, maintain, and strengthen their industry relationships should look no further. An important book. I highly recommend it!"
-Bernie Tesley, casting director

• This replaces 1-880559-97-8

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The subjective view of the demographic consequences of emancipation, or the veritable solemn truth about the Neanderthal’s extinction
I write this article with the complete understanding, that I
now will be strewed with the utilized gaskets and not only by feminists.
But the question is of the extremely importance.
How it was before?
There was a conspiracy between women before. It was called: "Get married first!" Every woman followed this principle strictly. And those who didn’t were called “the fallen woman” and were banished from society. And if a man got married this type of woman he was considered as a fool. And even more often he considered to be a lecher and was banished from society too. And there were no divorces. If married – feed her and her children till the rest of your days! Even if the children are not yours. Thus it was allowed to beat them, but not unto death and without injuries. And certainly in a case she won’t do it first. (Such circumstances also could happen. Women were strong enough!) In short: the times were gloomy. And a woman was a slave. Well, at least progressive minds used to say it.
What about now?
Now we have freedom and tolerance.
The principle "Get married first!" was acknowledged to be out-of-date and not in use anymore. (And if a woman adheres it she is either Muslim in the other words the hammered woman of the east, or she is honored as a stupid by the rest women). Therefore anyone gets married nobody. In fact there is no sense in marriage. A man can easy get sex without it. But in this case women get in a life-long trap.
The emancipation is a great responsibility first of all and it may cost you a lot.
A woman finds herself highly sought and popular starting active sexual life in the age of about fifteen, so popular that she needn’t work at lot. There are many men ready to lure her. Indeed the demand for such contingent is higher then the proposition in the sex-market. But it is not for marriage however. And she doesn’t really need it. She is satisfied. "Everybody lives this way". However it is necessary to practice only safe sex and to do abortions in time, as far as the behavior of the-so-called-common-law-husband is unpredictable in a case of pregnancy. He can even deprive allowances. From the other hand using a good deal of certain smartness it is possible to get even a few common law husbands simultaneously. By the virtue of certain psychological features inherent to this age it seems that such a lifestyle will last forever.
But nothing is everlasting. In general, it is possible to support such a lifestyle approximately till the age of 25. And it is possible only if she looks after herself. Her price in the sex-market goes down; it is a matter of time. And she emerges in adult life at the age of 25 and with 24 abortions, with complete absence of education and profession. Even if she has a diploma, anyway she hasn’t any working experience.
Here she is, useless, having no chance to start her life with the tabula rasa.
This is how usually things happen with those, who were influenced by their emancipated mothers, who instructed them to enjoy her life before building a family. As a result we have to variants: to settle down and spit out a baby meanwhile it is possible; or to keep living that way but being emancipated and independent.
Someone will say: let it ride! She is an independent woman in the civilized society and she is free to handle her fate as she wants. Isn’t that so? The personal freedom is the highest value, isn’t it?
It could be so.
Only emancipated woman still has no intentions to give a birth for some reasons, especially in Europe where depopulation of indigenous citizens sweepingly goes up. They die out imperceptibly like the Neanderthals on the same territory, only much faster. Neanderthals were dying out during the 20000 years period.
And this is far not her personal business as feminists trying to assure us. It is a matter of a large state importance to give a birth to the future

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Glenn Alterman is an award-winning playwright, screenwriter, and actor. He is the author of numerous books, including An Actor's Guide - Making It in New York City (1-58115-213-2) and Creating Your Own Monologue (1-58115-038-5). He lives in New York City.

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