Proverbial philosophy

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Page 100 - And the absence of better that might be, taketh from the praise of it is well: And creatures must be finite, and finite cannot be perfect: Therefore, though in small degree, creation involveth evil, He chargeth His angels with folly, and the heavens are not clean in His sight: For every existence in the universe hath either
Page 213 - is a sweet idolatry enslaving all the soul, A mighty spiritual force, warring with the dulness of matter, An angel-mind breathed into a mortal, though fallen yet how beautiful! All the devotion of the heart in all its depth and grandeur. Behold that pale geranium, pent within the cottage window; How yearningly it stretcheth to the light
Page 158 - books, ye monuments of mind, concrete wisdom of the wisest; Sweet solaces of daily life; proofs and results of immortality; Trees yielding all fruits, whose leaves are for the healing of the nations; Groves of knowledge, where all may eat, nor fear a
Page 121 - The dangerous bar in the harbour's mouth is only grains . of sand; And the shoal that hath wrecked a navy is the work of a colony of worms: lea, and a despicable gnat may madden the mighty elephant; And the living rock is worn by the diligent flow of the brook.
Page 159 - sword: Gentle comrades, kind advisers; friends, comforts, treasures : Helps, governments, diversities of tongues; who can weigh your worth ?— To walk no longer with the just; to be driven from the porch of science; To bid long adieu to those intimate ones, poets, philosophers, and teachers; To see no record of the sympathies which
Page 228 - kite feedeth with the starling, under the law of kindness : That law shall tame the fiercest, bring down the battlements of pride, Cherish the weak, control the strong, and win the fearful spirit. Be obeyed when thou commandest; but command not often: Let thy carriage be the gentleness of love, not the
Page 120 - affect Him ?— So he transgresseth yet again, and falleth by little and little, Till the ground crumble beneath him, and he sinketh in the gulf despairing. For there is nothing in the earth so small that it may And no swerving from a right line, that may not lead eternally astray.
Page 250 - Come again and greet me as a friend, fellow-pilgrim upon life's highway, Leave awhile the hot and dusty road, to loiter in the greenwood of Reflection. Come unto my cool dim grotto, that is watered hy the rivulet of truth, And over whose time-stained rock climh the fairy flowers of content; Here, upon this mossy
Page 204 - frost to the bud, and blight to the blossom, even such is self-interest to friendship: For Confidence cannot dwell where Selfishness is porter at the gate. If thou see thy friend to be selfish, thou canst not be sure of his honesty; And in seeking thine own weal, thou hast wronged the reliance of thy
Page 270 - have stolen bitter knowledge, give me fruits of life Today: 0 true temple of To-day, let me worship in thee, glorious Zion : 1 find none other place nor time, than where I am Today : 0 living rescue of To-day, let me run into thee, ark of refuge: 1 see none other hope nor chance,

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