Psychiatry ; a clinical treatise on diseases of the fore-brain based upon a study of its structure, functions, and nutrition

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G.P. Putnam's Sons, 1885 - 285 pages

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Page i - Gray on Nervous and Mental Diseases. A Practical Treatise on Nervous and Mental Diseases. By LANDON CARTER GRAY, MD. Professor of Diseases of the Mind and Nervous System in the New York Polyclinic. Shortly. T^HIS work is devoted purely to the practical aspects of nervous and mental -•- diseases...
Page 169 - ... even the foetus in utero must have become possessed of certain perceptions and of sensations attendant upon definite movements, those of turning and of swallowing for instance. Soon after birth the infant learns to distinguish between its own body and the world beyond it. Contact of a strange finger excites but one tactile sensation; contact between two parts of its own body excites two tactile sensations, one from the touching and the other from the touched part (Wundt, Meynert). A sound striking...
Page 170 - ... in the cerebral cortex and nowhere in particular," he recognized clearly the importance of the frontal lobes, to which he assigned an important role in the recognition of former experiences. Meynert maintained that it was not necessary to postulate an instinct between conscious and reflex movements. "That the child should suck at every finger, we may attribute to a reflex mechanism; but that the child should suck in its dreams, proves that the act of sucking has produced images which have been...
Page 149 - In speaking of memory, he says, that " no author of the present day would be likely to insist on one special seat of memory, for memory is the common property of all cortical cells and fibres, which are able to receive and conduct external stimuli of all sorts.'* The inheritance of physiognomical expression he does not consider proved.

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