Psychic Diaries: Connecting with Who You Are, Why You're Here, and What Lies Beyond

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Harper Collins, 2003 - Body, Mind & Spirit - 352 pages
"She's dead."

I am jumpy.


Scrambling for thoughts.

My body is shaking.

I move closer to the TV to get a good look at her face. "Yes. She is definitely dead."

What would you do if the person you loved most in the world kissed you good-bye one morning and then never came home?

When someone we love suddenly dies, none of that other "stuff" matters. It doesn't matter that our house is a mess or work is hectic or the deal fell through or "they" didn't call. Death awakens us. It sweeps us off our feet, knocks us to the ground, and reminds us of what's truly important.

But "Psychic Diaries" is not about death. It's about life -- about learning how to say good-bye to one form of life and hello to another , about connecting with the dead to bring inspiration and insight to the living, about moving forward when everything inside of us wants to stop, about pushing past self-imposed limits and finding out what we're made of when life tests us to the core.

When we're kids, we listen to our inner voice without hesitation. But as we get older, that voice gets quieter and quieter until it seemingly disappears. Our journey is about reclaiming that voice, about listening to what it has to say and allowing it to be heard.

We all want to live a life that matters, one at which we can look back and say, "I'm really proud of myself. I lived, I loved, and I left something of value behind."

"Psychic Diaries takes you on an amazing journey to answer questions you never thought could be answered, revealing as tonishing insights and important life lessons from the spirits, the people for whom they came, and the extraordinary medium in the middle.

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About the author (2003)

Lysa Mateu is an author and psychic medium whose inspiring self-published book, "Conversations with the Spirit World, " kicked off a national tour in which she drove 17,000 miles and did eighty jam-packed events and more than three thousand readings in three months. She is the star, executive producer, and creator of the groundbreaking reality series "Breakthrough, " which she recently shot for MTV. Mateu is a third-degree brown belt in karate and was a silver medalist at the U.S. Nationals. She is currently at work on her next book, which contains everything she's learned about loss, love, and life.

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