Psychopathia Sexualis,: With Especial Reference to Contrary Sexual Instinct : a Medico-legal Study

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F.A. Davis Company, 1894 - Medicine - 436 pages
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Most likely the funniest thing I have ever read. Recommend to just about every pervert hanging out in /b/.

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Page 48 - There is some difference of opinion as to how "sadism" may be best defined. Perhaps the simplest and most usual definition is that of Krafft-Ebing, as sexual emotion associated with the wish to inflict pain and use violence, or, as he elsewhere expresses it, "the impulse to cruel and violent treatment of the opposite sex, and the coloring of the idea of such acts with lustful...
Page 1 - If she is normally developed mentally, and well bred, her sexual desire is small. If this were not so the whole world would become a brothel and marriage and a family impossible.
Page 366 - He believes that in no domain of criminal law is co-operation of judge and medical experts so much to be desired as in that of sexual delinquencies. It is a fact, however, that only a small proportion of sexual crimes can be legally combated. It is the duty of everyone who has...
Page 302 - This writing ends with the apostrophe: "Gentlemen, you learned in the law, psychologists and pathologists, do me justice! Love led me to take the step I took; all my deeds were conditioned by it. God put it in my heart. "If He created me so, and not otherwise, am I then guilty; or is it the eternal, incomprehensible way of fate?
Page 50 - I opened her breast and with a knife cut through the fleshy parts of the body. Then I arranged the body as a butcher does beef, and hacked it with an axe into pieces of a size to fit the hole which I had dug up in the mountain for burying it.
Page 429 - STANFORD UNlVERSlTY LlBRARlES CEClL H. GREEN LlBRARY STANFORD, CALlFORNlA 94305-6004 (415) 723-1493 All books may be recalled after 7 days DATE DUE 280...
Page 15 - The case of Henry III. shows that contact with a person's perspiration may be the exciting cause of passionate love. At the betrothal feast of the King of Navarre and Margaret of Valois he accidentally dried his face with a garment of Maria of Cleves which was moist with her perspiration. Although she was the bride of the Prince of Conde, Henry...
Page 292 - ... aggravated form of viraginity is that known as homo-sexuality ; with this form, however, this paper has nothing to do. Another form of viraginity is technically known as gynandry, and may be defined as follows : A victim of gynandry not only has the feelings and desires of a man, but also the skeletal form, features, voice, etc., so that the individual approaches the opposite sex anthropologically, and in more than a psycho-sexual way (Krafft-Ebing). As it is probable that this form of viraginity...
Page 189 - ... is induced. This condition of irritability passes into paralytic impotence. Then atrophy of the testicles and penis sets in, the hair of the beard falls out, the voice loses its depth and compass, and physical strength and energy decrease. Inclinations and disposition become feminine. The mujerado loses his position in society as a man. He takes on feminine manners and customs, and associates with women. Yet, for religious reasons, he is held in honor. It is probable that, at other times than...
Page 14 - I rose up to open to my beloved; And my hands dropped with myrrh, And my fingers with sweet-smelling myrrh, Upon the handles of the lock.

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