Public Documents of Massachusetts, 4권


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xlviii 페이지 - Resolved, That there be allowed and paid out of the treasury of the Commonwealth a sum not exceeding one thousand dollars, to be expended...
xlii 페이지 - The following summary gives the results of the replies to the second question, relative to its comparative prevalence in the five years (1890-94) : — Total Reported Cases, by Years. Prevalence, by Towns (1890-94). Nearly ninety per cent, of the reported cases occurred during the months of May, June, July, August, September and October. In regard to the condition of the land near the river, Dr.
lxiv 페이지 - ... in the valley, which have been from time to time collected, indicate a general belief on the part of the medical profession that the conditions affecting health here are more unfavorable than they formerly were. The valley of the Neponset River has twice before been the subject of extended examinations by the State authorities, — first by the State Board of Health in 1875, and subsequently by the Massachusetts Drainage Commission in 1885. In addition to these examinations, a description of...
835 페이지 - In each city and town having a population of more than five thousand inhabitants, as determined by the last census, at least one member of said board shall be a physician, and the board shall send an annual report of the deaths in such town to the state board of health.
15 페이지 - ... and shall receive a certificate thereof as provided in section three. Any person refused registration may be re-examined at any regular meeting of said board, within two years of the time of such refusal, without additional fee, and thereafter...
15 페이지 - Examinations may be made in whole, or in part in writing, and shall be, of an elementary and practical character, but sufficiently strict to test the qualifications of the candidate as a practitioner.
9 페이지 - Health regarding the establishment of systems of water supply, drainage and sewerage," the Board is required "from time to time to consult with and advise the authorities of cities and towns, or with corporations, firms or individuals either already having or intending to introduce systems of water supply, drainage or sewerage, as to the most appropriate source of supply, the best practicable method of assuring the purity thereof or of disposing of their...
872 페이지 - There were 27 deaths from measles during the year. The number of deaths of children under five years of age was 4,055, compared with 3,935 for the previous year, showing an increase of 120 deaths.
480 페이지 - No. 66 has been applied to Filter No. 67, containing 5 feet in depth of sand of an effective size of 0.19 millimeter. The average rate of filtration obtained by this filter has been 608,500 gallons per acre daily. As Filter No. 66 is of twice the area of Filter No. 67, the rate for the combined area has been 203,000 gallons per acre daily. This rate has been maintained with difficulty, tho surface of No.

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