Public Documents of Massachusetts, Volume 4

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Page 1 - That no dealer shall be prosecuted under the provisions of this act when he can establish a guaranty signed by the wholesaler, jobber, manufacturer, or other party residing in the United States, from whom he purchases such articles, to the effect that the same is not adulterated or misbranded within the meaning of this act, designating it.
Page 2 - ... preparations which contain cocaine or any of its salts or alpha or beta eucaine or any of their salts or any synthetic substitute for them...
Page 12 - Whoever, by himself, or by his servant or agent, or as the servant or agent of any other person...
Page 132 - At this station are three submerged centrifugal pumps, two of them having impeller wheels 7.5 feet in diameter, the other 8.25 feet in diameter. They are driven by triple-expansion engines of the Reynolds-Corliss type. Contract capacity of 1 pump: 60,000,000 gallons with 8-foot lift.
Page 29 - Act to pay -for at least 90 per centum of the firm energy shall have entered into contracts (1) consenting to such operation, and (2) containing such other provisions as the Secretary may deem necessary or proper for carrying out the purposes of this Act.
Page 135 - Quincy Pumping Station. At this station are two compound condensing Deane pumping engines and one Lawrence centrifugal pump driven by a Sturtevant compound condensing engine. Contract capacity of 3 pumps: Deane, 3,000,000 gallons; Deane, 5,000,000 gallons; Lawrence centrifugal, 10,000,000 gallons.
Page 118 - The remaining 108.471 miles of sewers and other works have been constructed by the metropolitan boards. The locations, lengths and sizes of these sewers are given in the following tables, together with other data referring to the public and special connections with the systems : — NORTH METROPOLITAN SEWERAGE SYSTEM.
Page 131 - At this station are four submerged centrifugal pumps, with impeller wheels 8.25 feet in diameter, driven by triple-expansion engines of the Reynolds-Corliss type. Contract capacity of 1 pump: 100,000,000 gallons with 19;foot lift.
Page 271 - Year 1920, in Cubic Feet per Second per Square Mile of Drainage Area, and in Million Gallons per Day per Square Mile of Drainage Area; also, Departure from the Normal Flow.
Page 133 - The latter consists of a specially designed engine of the vertical cross-compound type, having between the cylinders a centrifugal pump rotating on a horizontal axis. Contract capacity of the two original pumps: 4,500,000 gallons each, with 13-foot lift.

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