Public Documents of Massachusetts, Volume 7

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Page xxiv - A contract of insurance is an agreement by which one party for a consideration promises to pay money or its equivalent, or to do some act of value to the assured, upon the destruction or injury of something in which the other party has an interest.
Page xxv - All that is requisite to constitute such a contract is the payment of the consideration by the one, and the promise of the other to pay the amount of the insurance upon the happening of injury to the subject by a contingency contemplated in the contract.
Page xiii - To carry on the business commonly known as credit insurance or guaranty, either by agreeing to purchase uncollectible debts, or otherwise to insure against loss or damage from the failure of persons indebted to the assured to meet their liabilities...
Page xxv - ... the destruction or injury of something in which the other party has an interest In fire insurance and marine insurance the thing insured is property; in life or accident insurance it is the life or health of a person.
Page xiii - To insure any goods or premises against loss or damage by water caused by the breakage or leakage of sprinklers, pumps, water pipes or plumbing and its fixtures, and against accidental injury from other causes than fire or lightning to such sprinklers, pumps, water pipes, plumbing and fixtures...
Page vii - Commonwealth shall directly or indirectly contract for or effect any reinsurance of any risk or part thereof taken by it, it shall make a sworn report thereof to the insurance commissioner at the time of filing its annual statement, or at such other time as he may request...
Page xiii - ... any person, firm, or corporation against loss or damage on account of the bodily injury or death by accident of any person...
Page xxv - In either case, neither the times and amounts of payments by the assured, nor the modes of estimating or securing the payment of the sum to be paid by the insurer, affect the question whether the agreement between them is a contract of insurance.
Page xiii - To insure upon the stock or mutual plan, vessels, freights, goods, money, effects, and money lent on bottomry or respondentia, against the perils of the sea and other perils usually insured against by marine insurance, including risks of inland navigation and transportation.
Page xiii - To insure against loss or damage to property of the assured, and loss or damage to the life, person or property of another for which the assured is liable, caused by the explosion of steam boilers...

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