Public Works Appropriations for 1961, Volume 43, Parts 4-5

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Page 581 - Indiana needs no guardian and intends to have none. We Hoosiers — like the people of our sister states — were fooled for quite a spell with the magician's trick that a dollar taxed out of our pockets and sent to Washington will be bigger when it comes back to us. We have taken a good look at said dollar. We find that it lost weight in its journey to Washington and back. The political brokerage of the bureaucrats has been deducted. We have decided that there is no such thing as "federal
Page 330 - Board so acts, do hereby certify that the foregoing is a full, true and correct copy of a resolution adopted...
Page 252 - Mr. Chairman and members of the committee, I am happy to be here today to discuss the path to full employment in the years ahead.
Page 470 - The projects for flood protection on the Mississippi River at St. Paul and South St. Paul, Minnesota, are hereby authorized substantially in accordance with the recommendations of the Chief of Engineers in House Document Numbered 223, 85th Congress, at an estimated cost of S5, 705,500.
Page 485 - Mr. Chairman and members of the committee, it is a privilege for me to appear before you today to discuss the Navy and the Marine Corps program of research and development for fiscal year 1963.
Page 403 - California, hereby certify the above and foregoing to be a full, true and correct copy of a Resolution adopted by said Board of Supervisors on the 10th day of March, 1981.
Page 351 - Engineers with necessary utilities and rail and highway connections open to all on equal terms; and (C) hold and save the United States free from any damages which may arise from construction, operation, and maintenance of the...
Page 694 - Commander, we are very glad to have, you with us and we will be glad to have any statement you care to make.
Page 582 - ... to tax ourselves and take care of ourselves. We are fed up with subsidies, doles, and paternalism. We are no one's stepchild. We have grown up. We serve notice that we will resist Washington, DC, adopting us. Be it resolved by the House of Representatives of the General Assembly of the State of Indiana, the Senate concurring, That we respectfully petition and urge Indiana's Congressmen and Senators to vote to fetch our county courthouse and city halls back from Pennsylvania Avenue. We want government...
Page 557 - Prompted by these actual observations, I could not help taking a more contemplative and extensive view of the vast inland navigation of these United States...

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