Public health reports (1881). v. 34 pt. 1 no. 1-26, 1919, Volum 34,Del 1,Utgaver 1-26

Surgeon General, 1920
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Side 304 - He also quoted some evidence in support of the view that the disease occurred at the end of the seventeenth and beginning of the eighteenth century in Germany and more definite evidence that it occurred in Upper Italy and Hungary in 1890.
Side 1039 - The sum of $1,000,000 which shall be paid to the States for the use of their respective boards or departments of health in the prevention, control, and treatment of venereal diseases ; this sum to be...
Side 551 - ... authorized is not to the best interest of the Government from the standpoint of cost, location, and of the emergency needs of the Public Health Service, he is hereby authorized to reject such project or projects and to locate, construct, or acquire hospitals at such other locations as would best subserve the interest of the Government and the emergency needs of the Public Health Service within the limits of cost of such authorization. a.
Side 1039 - Chamberlain-Kahn bill, there was created an Interdepartmental Social Hygiene Board and a Division of Venereal Diseases in the United States Public Health Service.
Side 310 - Rhode Island South Carolina. . . South Dakota Texas. Utah.. Vermont Virginia Washington.
Side 102 - GENERAL REQUIREMENT. Working or traversed spaces in buildings or grounds shall be supplied during the time of use with artificial light in accordance with the following rules whenever natural light falls below the intensities specified in Rule II.
Side 443 - Report of the departmental committee appointed to inquire into the dangers attendant on the use of lead, and the danger to health arising from dust and other causes in the manufacture of earthenware and china and in the processes incident thereto, including the making of lithographic transfers...
Side 103 - ... finish in order that the light which enters the windows or that which is produced by lamps, may not be absorbed and lost on the first object that it strikes, but that it may be returned by reflection and thus be used over and over again. Diffusion also requires that the various sources of light, whether windows, skylights or lamps, be well distributed about the space to be lighted.
Side 114 - In locating switches or controls in factory and mill aisles, care should be exercised to arrange them systematically, that is, on columns situated on the same side of the aisle and on the same relative side of each column. This plan materially simplifies the finding of switches or controls, by those responsible for turning on and off the lamps, and is particularly important where a given floor space is illuminated by a large number of small or medium sized lamps distributed uniformly over the ceiling...
Side 1039 - ... regarding the form of report. 3. Local funds that may be available, or that may become available from legislative appropriations or any other source for venereal-disease control, shall be used by the State or city health authorities having jurisdiction for the extension of the work, and such local funds must not be conserved through the expenditure of the funds that are allotted by the Congress through the United States Public Health Service.

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