Public Parks, Radial Avenues, and Boulevards: Outline Plan of a Park System for the City of St. Paul. Comprised in Two Addresses Delivered Before the Common Council and Chamber of Commerce, 1872 and 1885

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Page 9 - affording a surplus after paying the interest on all the city bonds issued for the purchase and construction of the park, of three million dollars, a sum sufficient, if used as a sinking fund, to pay the entire principal and interest of the cost of the park in less time than was required for its construction.
Page 9 - phrases of abuse which pertain to political blackguardism were brought to bear upon those who favored its prosecution. Yet in the ten years succeeding the commencement of work upon the park, the increased valuation of taxable property in the wards immediately surrounding it was no less than $54,000,000, affording a surplus after paying the interest on all the city bonds issued for the purchase and construction of the park, of
Page 7 - when the necessity comes, to drive an avenue through a man's factory, close up his business by indicting it as a nuisance, cut down the road in front of his house, leaving him to get down as best he may, or raise his house into the air to be got
Page 25 - presents to the eye of the poorest workman every charm of vegetation,
Page 25 - is not confined to parks in one end of the town, and absent from the places where it is most wanted. It follows the street builders with
Page 7 - It seems at first as if such planning for the future use of the landed estate of a city, would be an interference with the rights of private property. But it is certainly less of a hardship or infringement on private right, to point out, how in
Page 9 - quarries. Before the park was made the ground was an arid wilderness of clay mounds and excavations left by the quarrymen. By skillful management this has been converted into an exceedingly picturesque tract, comprising
Page 2 - to make a general outline report, upon the proper location of Parks, Wide Avenues, Public Squares, and other improvements, on a scale suitable to the wants of a crowded city,
Page 4 - would have been open to the public forever, if the avenue had only been carried near the edge of the bluff, and no buildings allowed except on the opposite side.
Page 20 - would be more than repaid by the increased tax income, while the city would hold the title enhanced in value thirty fold, free and clear and without cost.

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