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Page 101 - King prince or state; nor shall any person holding any office of profit or trust under the united states, or any of them, accept of any present, emolument, office or title of any kind whatever from any king, prince or foreign state; nor shall the united states in congress assembled, or any of them, grant any title of nobility.
Page 323 - Resolved unanimously, That as neither France nor these United States may of right, so these United States will not conclude either truce or peace with the common enemy without the formal consent of their ally first obtained, and that any matters or things which may be insinuated or asserted to the contrary thereof tend to the injury and dishonor of the said States.
Page 222 - If Mr. Deane or any other gentleman will procure an order from Congress to inspect an account in my office, or any of Mr. Deane's friends in Congress will take the trouble of coming themselves, I will give him or them my attendance, and shew them in a hand writing, which Mr.
Page 478 - Esq. be recalled from the Court of France, and have appointed another Commissioner to supply his place there : Ordered, that the committee for foreign affairs write to the hon.
Page 392 - He said their characters were fair enough, and he was always glad to see such persons engaged in the public service ; but turning to them with a smile, very courteous, but not very respectful, he said — 'Confide in you! ' Oh no — you must pardon me, gentlemen — youth is the season ' of credulity — confidence is a plant of slow growth in an aged ' bosom.' Some one having spoken of ' the obstinacy of America,' said ' that she was almost in open rebellion.
Page 303 - ... doubt, that he will be able clearly to justify himself; but, having lived intimately with him now fifteen months, the greatest part of the time in the same house, and been a constant witness of his public conduct, I cannot...
Page 324 - I cannot omit giving this testimony, though unasked, in his behalf, that I esteem him a faithful, active, and able minister, who, to my knowledge, has done in various ways great and important services to his country, whose interests I wish may always, by every one in her employ, be as much and as effectually promoted.
Page 360 - I submit one thought to you : Whether if you could engage a great general of the highest character in Europe, such, for instance, as Prince Ferdinand, Marshal Broglio*, or others of equal rank to take the lead of your armies, whether such a step would not be politic, as it would give a character and credit to your military and strike perhaps a greater panic in our enemies.
Page 323 - ... to my worthy colleague on account of his situation at the time, as he has long since corrected that mistake, and daily approves himself to my certain knowledge an able, faithful, active, and extremely useful servant of the public ; a testimony I think it my duty to take this occasion of giving to his merit, unasked, as, considering my great age, I may probably not live to give it personally in Congress, and I perceive he has enemies.
Page 249 - ... promised and engaged, and that, as a present, before he even arrived in France ; and the part that fell to Mr. Deane was only to see it done, and how he has performed that service the public are now acquainted with.

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