Publications of the American Economic Association, Volume 3

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Includes the Papers and proceedings of the annual meeting.

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Page 57 - It is urged that it was the intention of the framers of the constitution to prohibit the Federal government from exercising any such power. If this were really so, it would have been a very simple matter to
Page 59 - We know of no rule for construing the extent of such powers other than is given by the language of the instrument which confers them, taken in connection with the purposes for which they are conferred. (Gibbons
Page 187 - Any person may become a member of this Association by paying three dollars, and after the first year may continue a member by paying an annual fee of three dollars. ARTICLE
Page 51 - by this court, and by every other court of reputation in the United States, that an act of the Legislature is not to be declared void unless the violation of the Constitution is so manifest as to leave no room for
Page 51 - It is incumbent therefore upon those who affirm the unconstitutionality of an act of Congress to show clearly that it is in violation of the provisiOns of the Constitution. It is not sufficient for them that they succeed in raising a doubt.”
Page 11 - By FC MONTAGUE, Fellow of Oriel College. With an Account of the Work of Toynbee Hall in East London, by PHILIP LYTTELTON GELL, A. M. Chairman of the Council. Also an Account of the Neighborhood
Page 315 - The author agrees with the assertion made by Professor Ingram at the meeting of the Social Science Association at Dublin in 1878: “It is plain that though Statistics may be combined with Sociology in the title of Section F., the two cannot occupy a coordinate position.
Page 16 - in the Northwest Territory. By GEORGE W. KNIGHT, Ph. D., University of Michigan. Price $1.00 No. 4. The Louisianna Purchase In Its Influence upon the American System. By RT. REV. C. F. ROBERTSON, Bishop of Missouri. Price 50 cents. No. 5. History of the Appointing Power of the
Page 187 - The officers of the Association shall consist of a President, two VicePresidents, Secretary, who shall also be Treasurer, and a Council of the above and three others. ARTICLE V .—Election and Duties of
Page 315 - with Sociology in the title of Section F., the two cannot occupy a coordinate position. For it is impossible to vindicate for statistics the character of a science; they constitute only one of the aids or adminicula of science.” Mr.

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