Publications of the Buffalo Historical Society, Volume 3

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Page 45 - But, ah! What once has been shall be no more. The groaning earth in travail and in pain Brings forth its races, but does not restore, And the dead nations never rise again. THE
Page 27 - Deep on his front engraven, Deliberation sat and public care, And princely counsel in his face yet shone, Majestic, though in ruins.
Page 4 - enemies. They told us they had fled from their own country for fear of wicked men, and had come here to enjoy their religion. They asked
Page 19 - Tompkins was present, a dispute arose as to the terms of a certain treaty. " You have forgotten," said the agent; " we have it written down on paper." " The paper then tells a lie," rejoined Red Jacket. " I have it written down here," he added, placing his hand with great dignity upon his brow.
Page 4 - But an evil day came upon us. Your forefathers crossed the great waters and landed on this island. Their numbers were small. They found
Page 21 - And there is nothing left but a desert. There you have taken your intellects with you. What ye established ye have taken with you. Ye have placed under your heads what ye established— The Great League. Then the other chiefs joined in the chorus as follows, which is also given in the Indian tongue : Haih-haih
Page 32 - eat of the fatal root, and sleep with his fathers in peace. Before you determine on a measure so unjust, look up to God, who made us as well as you
Page 94 - On another page Mr. Savary says of the orator: Red Jacket visited us with his wife and five children, whom he had brought to see us. They were exceedingly well clad, in their manner, and the best behaved and prettiest Indian children I have ever met with.
Page 80 - Red Jacket was dressed with much taste in the Indian costume throughout. He wore a blue dress, the upper garment cut after the fashion of a hunting-shirt, with blue leggings, very neat moccasins, a red jacket, and a girdle of red about his waist. I have seldom seen a more dignified or
Page 32 - to put him out of pain. Another, who will not think of dying by the hand of his father or of his brother, has said he will retire to the

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