Publications of the Cincinnati Observatory, Issues 8-9

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Page 11 - With power 90 the nucleus is nearly equal in brightness to star b [anonymous; estimated magnitude 9.5]. A short tail is suspected, but not certainly seen. With power 450 the nucleus is, at least, one magnitude fainter than the star b, but is larger. Part of the tail can be seen.
Page 13 - The nucleus seems of a pink or fire color with power 90. ith higher powers the color seems less brilliant, but still is quite noticeable. With 450 the nucleus has a perceptible size, but is quite hazy, although very tinct from the surrounding nebulosity. PA of tail with nucleus at the e<ige . the field, power 90, 4o?7.
Page 12 - Tail can be distinctly traced to one diameter of the field of the finder. The outlines of the head, with power 90, are the same as on the 28th. I am not so sure of seeing the faint outer curves.
Page 11 - Appearance not perceptibly changed from last night. With power 450 the nucleus does not appear at all stellar, but is very dense in the center.
Page 14 - The nucleus andtb comparison star seem to be about equal in size, but the light of the star is mud more intense and whiter than that of the nucleus.
Page 11 - In power 90 it is much fainter than c, not brighter than a 9.5 magnitude star. Coma round, bright, and fading gradually from the nucleus.
Page 13 - ... whether on account of the haze of the comet or that of the earth's atmo)here near the horizon I can not tell.
Page 15 - With powers 230 and 450 the lucleus is not stellar, but is still quite small. The coma is round and fades off Imost equally in all directions. The light is a little stronger on the side toward he sun. The nucleus is pinkish in color, while the coma is almost blue.
Page 16 - The nucleus is almost white, and a blaze of pink light seems to flash out opposii the bright 'part of the tail. The head fills the whole field of view, power 90. The outline is similar to that on the last night observed.
Page 12 - ... in brightness. With power 450 the nucleus seems a little elongated in approximately the direction of the tail. The nebulosity is most abundar! in PA 150 roughly.

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