Publications of the Spenser Society, Issue 41

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Spenser Society, 1885 - English literature - 118 pages

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Page 83 - I'm in the cabinet lockt up, Like some high-prized margarite, Or, like the great mogul or pope, Am cloyster'd up from publick sight : Retiredness is a piece of majesty, And thus, proud sultan, I'm as great as thee. Here sin for want of food must starve, Where tempting objects are not seen ; And these strong walls do only serve To keep vice out, and keep me in : Malice of late's grown charitable sure, I'm not committed, but am kept secure. So he that struck at Jason's life,* Thinking t...
Page 75 - Thy Name's a Text too hard for us : no men Can write of it, without Thy Parts and Pen. Thy Prifons, Scorns, Reproach, and Povertie (Though thefe were thought too courteous Injurie) How could'ft Thou bear ? Thou Meeker Mofes, how ? Was ever Lion bit with Whelps till now And did not roar ? Thou England's David, how Did Shimei'sTongue not move Thee?
Page 77 - White-hallm\rfk bee, Lately His Palace, now His Calvarie. Great CHARLS, is this Thy Dying-place ? And where Thou wer't our KING, art Thou our MARTYR there ? Thence, thence Thy Soul took flight ; and there will wee Not ceaf to Mourn, where Thou did'ft ceaf to Bee. And thus, bleft Soul, Hee's gon : a Star, whofe fall, As no Ecliflfprove's Oecumenical.
Page 61 - Bloodie) prov'd Thy Beft : It prov'd Thy folemn Coronation, fmce The Yard's Thy Palace ; and a Glorious Prince Thy Prefident : Who after Him art hurl'd To meet Thy Sovereign in another World. Transferr'd from Earth to Heaven, to remain A fixed Star, and wait on CHARLS his WAIN.
Page 84 - Even then her charming melody doth prove That all her bars are trees, her cage a grove. I am the bird whom they combine Thus to deprive of liberty...
Page 81 - Though Surlie Nereus roar's, my thoughts are calm, Then ftrike Affliftion ; for thy wounds are Balm. That which the world mif-call's A Gaole, A private Clofet is to mee ; Whil'ft a good Confcience is my Bail And Innocence my Libertie. Locks, Barrs, Walls, Loannefs though together met, Make mee no prifoner but an Anchoret. I, while I...
Page 22 - Of Colchis, which the vulgar did adore And Deifie fo much, that they did prize Each Planck as Trophies to bee fix't ith' Skies ; That Ship was but a Cock-boat to thy Sail, Or fom poor punie Whiting to a Whale. Had Hee been Fraught with Thee, hee ne'r had thought Of that vain Voiage, and fo dearly bought A lock A lock of Wool, and better-tutor'd Greece, Would brag no longer of her Phrygian Fleece : Thofe Pageant-pot-gun-Triumphs (if their ftorie Were true) were but meer Atoms to Thy Glorie, Wch flame's...
Page 78 - ... Oecumenical. That Wretch had skill to fin, whofe Hand did know How to behead three Kingdoms at one blow. England hath loft the Influence of Her KING, No wonder that fo backward was Her Spring. O difmal Daie ! but yet how quickly gon ? It muft bee fhort, Our SUN went down at Noon.
Page 14 - Aenean, alacris palmas utrasque tetendit, 686 effusaeque genis lacrimae et vox excidit ore: "venisti tandem, tuaque exspectata parenti FGMPH vicit iter durum pietas? datur ora tueri, nate, tua et notas audire et reddere voces? 690 sic equidem ducebam animo rebarque futurum, tempora dinumerans, nee me mea cura fefellit. quas ego te terras et quanta per aequora vectum accipio! quantis iactatum, nate, periclis! quam metui, ne quid Libyae tibi regna nocerent!

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