Publications of the U.S. Bureau of Labor: Prior to July 1, 1912, Volume 8, Page 96

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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1912 - Government publications - 13 pages

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Page 7 - No. 21 . Pawnbroking in Europe and the United States, by WR Patterson, Ph. D. No. 22. Benefit features of American trade unions, by Edward W. Bemis, Ph.
Page 13 - Deaths from industrial lead poisoning (actually reported) in New York State in 1909 and 1910, by John B.
Page 12 - Wholesale Prices, 1890 to March 1910; Wages and Hours of Labor of Union Carpenters in the United States and in EnglishSpeaking Foreign Countries...
Page 12 - The Minnesota iron ranges, by GO Virtue, Ph. D. No. 85. Review of labor legislation of 1908 and 1909, by Lindley D. Clark, AM, LL. M. Laws of various States relating to labor, enacted since January 1, 1908.
Page 8 - No. 38. Labor conditions in Mexico, by Walter E. Weyl, Ph. D. The Negroes of Cinclare Central Factory and. Calumet Plantation, La., by J. Bradford Laws. No. 39. Course of wholesale prices, 1890 to 1901. No. 40. Present condition of the hand-working and domestic industries of Germany, by Henry J. Harris, Ph. D.
Page 10 - No. 71. Wages and hours of labor in manufacturing industries, 1890 to 1906.
Page 11 - Industrial accidents, by Frederick L. Hoffman. Mexican labor in the United States, by Victor S. Clark, Ph. D. Cost of living of the working classes in the principal industrial towns of Germany. No. 79. Mortality from consumption in dusty trades, by Frederick L. Hoffman. Charity relief and wage earnings, by SE Forman. No. 80. Women and child wage-earners in Great Britain, by Victor S. Clark, Ph. D.
Page 9 - No. 56. Influence of trade unions on immigrants, by Carroll D. Wright. Labor conditions in Australia, by victor S. Clark, Ph. D. No. 57. Course of wholesale prices, 1890 to 1904. Street railway employment in the United States, by Walter E. Weyl, Ph. D.
Page 12 - ... Laws of Germany, France, and Australia; Review of Labor Legislation of 1910; Laws of Various States Relating to Labor Enacted Since January 1, 1910 (1910). Industrial Accidents and Loss of Earning Power: German Experience in 1897 and 1907; Workmen's Compensation and Insurance; Laws and Bills, 1911; Resolutions of the Sixth Delegates' Meeting of the International Association for Labor Legislation; Report of Illinois Commission on Occupational Diseases (1911).
Page 8 - No. 44. Factory sanitation and labor protection, by CFW Doehring, Ph. D. No. 45. Course of wholesale prices, 1890 to 1902. No. 46. Report of Anthracite Coal Strike Commission. No. 47. Report of the Commissioner of Labor on Hawaii. No. 48. Farm colonies of the Salvation Army, by Commander Booth Tucker. The Negroes of Xenia, Ohio, by Richard R. Wright, jr., BD No.

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