Puerto Rican-Virgin Islands Trade Study: A Regulatory Staff Analysis, Halaman 96

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Federal Maritime Commission, 1970 - 251 halaman
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Halaman 235 - An Act to establish a United States Shipping Board for the purpose of encouraging, developing, and creating a naval auxiliary and naval reserve and a merchant marine to meet the requirements of the commerce of the United States with its Territories and possessions and with foreign countries ; to regulate carriers by water engaged in the foreign and interstate commerce of the United States ; and for other purposes.
Halaman 157 - ... allotting ports or restricting or otherwise regulating the number and character of sailings between ports; limiting or regulating in any way the volume or character of freight or passenger traffic to be carried; or in any manner providing for an exclusive, preferential, or co-operative working arrangement. The term "agreement" in this section includes understandings, conferences, and other arrangements.
Halaman 160 - tariff" as used in this paragraph shall include any amendment, supplement or reissue. (3) No common carrier by water in foreign commerce or conference of such carriers shall charge or demand or collect or receive a greater or less or different compensation for the transportation of property...
Halaman 235 - To further the development and maintenance of an adequate and wellbalanced American merchant marine, to promote the commerce of the United States, to aid in the national defense, to repeal certain former legislation, and for other purposes.
Halaman 160 - ... refund or remit in any manner or by any device any portion of the rates, fares, and charges so specified, nor extend to any shipper or person any privileges or facilities in the transportation of passengers or property, except such as are specified in such tariffs: Provided, That wherever the word 'carrier' occurs in this Act it shall be held to mean 'common carrier'.
Halaman 163 - That no merchandise shall be transported by water, or by land and water, on penalty of forfeiture thereof, between points in the United States, including Districts, Territories, and possessions thereof embraced within the coastwise laws, either directly or via a foreign port, or for any part of the transportation, in any other vessel than a vessel built in and documented under the laws of the United States...
Halaman 160 - Jones Act" waiver request by the purchaser. Under 46 USC App. 1223, a hearing is also required for any intervenor, and a waiver may not be approved if it will result in unfair competition to any person, firm, or corporation operating exclusively in the coastwise or intercoastal service. (c...
Halaman 160 - ... or executive thereof, directly or indirectly, shall own, operate, or charter any vessel or vessels engaged in the domestic intercoastal or coastwise service, or own any pecuniary interest, directly or indirectly, in any person or concern that owns, charters, or operates any vessel or vessels in the domestic intercoastal or coastwise service, without the written permission of the Commission. Every person, firm, or corporation having any interest in such application shall be permitted to intervene...
Halaman 159 - Where an agreement has among its significant aspects elements which are plainly repugnant to established antitrust principles, approval should not be granted unless there is a clear showing that the agreement is required by a serious transportation need, or in order to secure important public benefits.
Halaman 160 - ... nor shall any common carrier by water in intercoastal commerce charge or demand or collect or receive a greater or less or different compensation for the transportation of passengers or property or for any service in connection therewith than the rates, fares, and/or charges which are specified in its schedules filed with the board and duly posted and in effect at the time...

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