QC/T 926-2013: Translated English of Chinese Standard. (QCT 926-2013, QC/T926-2013, QCT926-2013): This Standard specifies the reliability test methods for powertrain unit of light-duty hybrid electric vehicle (ISG type). This Standard is applicable to the powertrain unit for Type-M1, Type-N1 and Type-M2 hybrid electric vehicle (ISG type) with maximum design total mass no greater than 3.5t. This Standard is not applicable to the idle start-stop function.

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This Standard specifies the terms and definitions, requirements, test methods, inspection rules and markings of the emergency shutoff valve of road tanker for dangerous liquid goods transportation. This Standard is applicable to the transportation of liquid petroleum products and other dangerous liquids which comply with the Class III dangerous liquid in GB 6944.

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