Quantum Bio-informatics III: From Quantum Information to Bio-informatics, Tokyo University of Science, Japan, 11-14 March 2009

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Luigi Accardi, Wolfgang Freudenberg, Masanori Ohya
World Scientific, 2010 - Computers - 512 pages
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Classical and quantum conditioning : mathematical and information theoretical aspects / L. Accardi -- Dynamics and potentials / F. Araki -- Kossakowski-Ohya teleportation scheme and its applications / M. Asano, M. Ohya and Y. Tanaka -- Utility and value of information in cognitive science, biology and quantum theory / R.V. Belavkin -- Spectral properties of entanglement witnesses and positive maps / D. Chruściński -- Quantum entanglement and multipartite symmetric states / D. Chruściński -- On a quantum model of brain activities / K.-H. Fichtner [und weitere] -- Some of the recent topics in white noise theory / T. Hida -- Note on generalized white noise functionals / T. Hida -- On estimation of the position distribution of the ideal Bose gas / K.-H. Fichtner, K. Inoue and M. Ohya -- On generalization of quantum mutual entropy by using liftings / S. Iriyama and M. Ohya -- A new approach to stroboscopic tomography of open systems / A. Jamiolkowski -- An introduction to frames and their applications to quantum optics / A. Jamiolkowski -- Memory in a nonlocally damped oscillator / D. Chruściński and J. Jurkowski -- An introduction to quantization of dissipative systems. The damped harmonic oscillator case / J. Jurkowski -- Classical and quantum probability for biologists - introduction / A. Khrennikov -- 2-adic degeneration of the genetic code and energy of binding of codons / A. Yu. Khrennikov and S.V. Kozyrev -- On positive maps; PPT states and entanglement / W.A. Majewski -- Detecting entanglement in spin lattice models / M. Michalski -- How to detect entanglement in quantum systems / M. Michalskii -- Tunneling study on high-T[symbol] superconductors / M. Minematsu, S. Kawashima and N. Miyakawa -- Quantum dynamics of superconducting qubit readout with a driven nonlinear Josephson oscillator / H. Nakano -- Roles of asymptotic condition and S-matrix as micro-macro duality in QFT / I. Ojima -- Gaussian Markov triplets / D. Petz and J. Pitrik -- pre-mRNA introns as a model for cryptographic algorithm : theory and experiments / M. Regoli -- Duality arising from multiple Markov Gaussian processes / Si Si and W.W. Htay -- Novel computational approaches to drug discovery / J. Skolnick and M. Brylinski -- Feynman type formulae for quantum evolution and diffusion on manifolds and graphs / O.G. Smolyanov -- Poisson noise and the dynamics of infinite particle systems / L. Streit -- Replica-exchange molecular dynamics simulations of Amyloid precursor protein dimer in membrane / N. Miyashita and Y. Sugita -- Comparison of square contingency tables using measure of departure from marginal homogeneity / K. Tahata [und weitere] -- On the statics for micro-array data analysis / T. Urushibara [und weitere] -- Functional mechanics and time irreversibility problem / I.V. Volovich -- Regulatory networks : inferring functional relationships through co-expression / D. Wanke [und weitere] -- On entropies of quantum dynamical systems / N. Watanabe -- Significant improvement of sequence alignment can be done by considering transition probability between two consecutive pairs of residues / T. Ham, K. Sato and M. Ohya -- A computational approach to explore protein translocation through Type III secretion apparatus / T. Rathinavelan and W. Im -- Carbon nanotubes for building blocks of quantum computing devices / K. Ishibashi [und weitere] -- In silico analysis for the study of botulinum toxin structure / T. Suzuki and S. Miyazaki -- Gene discovery methods from large-scale gene expression data / A. Shimizu and K. Yano

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Mathematical and Information Theoretical Aspects L Accardi
Dynamics and Potentials F Araki
KossakowskiOhya Teleportation Scheme and its Applications M Asano M Ohya and Y Tanaka
Utility and Value of Information in Cognitive Science Biology and Quantum Theory R V Belavkin
Spectral Properties of Entanglement Witnesses and Positive Maps D Chrusciriski
Quantum Entanglement and Multipartite Symmetric States D Chrusciriski
On a Quantum Model of Brain Activities KH Fichtner L Fichtner W Freudenberg and M Ohya
Some of the Recent Topics in White Noise Theory T Hida
Quantum Dynamics of Superconducting Qubit Readout with a Driven Nonlinear Josephson Oscillator H Nakano
Roles of Asymptotic Condition and SMatrix as MicroMacro Duality in QFT 1 Ojima
Gaussian Markov Triplets D Petz and J Pitrik
Theory and Experiments M Regoli
Duality Arising from Multiple Markov Gaussian Processes Si Si and W W Htay
Novel Computational Approaches to Drug Discovery J Skolnick and M Brylinski
Feynman Type Formulae for Quantum Evolution and Diffusion on Manifolds and Graphs O G Smolyanov
Poisson Noise and the Dynamics of Infinite Particle Systems L Streit

Note on Generalized White Noise Functionals T Hida
On Estimation of the Position Distribution of the Ideal Bose Gas KH Fichtner K Inoue and M Ohya
On Generalization of Quantum Mutual Entropy by Using Liftings S lriyama and M Ohya
A New Approach to Stroboscopic Tomography of Open Systems A Jamiolkowski
An Introduction to Frames and Their Applications to Quantum Optics A Jamiolkowski
Memory in a Nonlocally Damped Oscillator D Chruscinski and J Jurkowski
An Introduction to Quantization of Dissipative Systems The Damped Harmonic Oscillator Case J Jurkowski
Classical and Quantum Probability for Biologists Introduction A Khrennikov
2Adic Degeneration of the Genetic Code and Energy of Binding of Codons A Yu Khrennikov and S V Kozyrev
On Positive Maps PPT States and Entanglement WA Majewski
Detecting Entanglement in Spin Lattice Models M Michalski
How to Detect Entanglement in Quantum Systems M Michalskii
Tunneling Study on HighTc Superconductors M Minematsu S Kawashima and N Miyakawa
ReplicaExchange Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Amyloid Precursor Protein Dimer in Membrane N Miyashita and Y Sugita
Comparison of Square Contingency Tables Using Measure of Departure from Marginal Homogeneity K Tahata K Yamamoto N Miyamoto and S To...
On the Statics for MicroArray Data Analysis T Urushibara S Akasaka M Ito T Suzuki and S Miyazaki
Functional Mechanics and Time Irreversibility Problem I V Volovich
Inferring Functional Relationships through Coexpression D Wanke A Hahn J Kilian K Harter and K W Berendzen
On Entropies of Quantum Dynamical Systems N Watanabe
Significant Improvement of Sequence Alignment can be Done by Considering Transition Probability between Two Consecutive Pairs of Residues T ...
A Computational Approach to Explore Protein Translocation through Type III Secretion Apparatus T Rathinavelan and W Im
Carbon Nanotubes for Building Blocks of Quantum Computing Devices K Ishibashi S Moriyama T Fuse Y Kawano and T Yamaguchi
In Silico Analysis for the Study of Botulinum Toxin Structure T Suzuki and S Miyazaki
Gene Discovery Methods from Largescale Gene Expression Data A Shimizu and K Yano

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