Quantum Mechanics, Том 2

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Dover Publications, 1999 - 1136 страници

" ... this great work ought to be mastered by every postgraduate research student in theoretical physics ... there is no other book like it."Proceedings of the Physical Society (England)
Simple enough for students yet sufficiently comprehensive to serve as a reference for working physicists, this classic text initially appeared as a two-volume French edition and is now available in this convenient, all-in-one-book English translation. Formalism and its interpretation receive a detailed treatment in the first volume, starting with the origins of quantum theory and examinations of matter waves and the Schrodinger equation, one-dimensional quantized systems, the uncertainty relations, and the mathematical framework and physical content of formalism. An analysis of simple systems includes a look at the separation of variables, scattering problems and phase shifts, the Coulomb interaction, and the harmonic oscillator. Volume II begins with an exploration of symmetries and invariance, including a consideration of angular momentum, identical particles and the Pauli exclusion principle, invariance and conservation laws, and time reversal. Methods of approximation discussed include those involving stationary perturbations, the equation of motion, variational method, and collision theory. The final chapters review the elements of relativistic quantum mechanics, and each volume concludes with useful appendixes.
The book has been hailed for the clarity and coherence of its presentation, and its scrupulous attention to detail.