Quarles' Emblems, divine and moral: together with Hierogyphics of the life of man

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Page 198 - Tis not the sacred wealth of all the Nine Can buy my heart from him, or his from being mine. Nor time, nor place, nor chance, nor death can bow My least desires unto the least remove; He's firmly mine by oath, I his by vow; He's mine by faith, and I am his by love; He's mine by water, I am his by wine; Thus I my best beloved's am; thus he is mine.
Page 207 - In having all things, and not thee, what have I? Not having thee, what have my labours got? Let me enjoy but thee, what further crave I? And having thee alone, what have I not? I wish nor sea nor land ; nor would I be Possessed of heaven, heaven unpossessed of thee.
Page 169 - God, there is no hope of your being saved ; for it is neither in him that willeth nor in him that runneth, but in God who showeth mercy.
Page 5 - Before the knowledge of letters God was known by Hieroglyphicks: and, indeed, what are the Heavens, the Earth, nay every Creature but Hieroglyphicks and Emblemes of His Glory?
Page 138 - tis not to please my wanton ears With frantic mirth, I beg but hours, not years : And what thou giv'st me, I will give to tears. Draw not that soul which would be rather led : That seed has...
Page 207 - Pleasures but pain, and mirth but pleasing madness — Without Thee, Lord, things be not what they be, Nor have their being, when compared with Thee. In having all things, and not Thee, what have I ? Not having Thee, what have my labors got?
Page 204 - I love, and have some cause to love, the earth: She is my Maker's creature, therefore good; She is my mother, for she gave me birth ; She is my tender nurse; she gives me food.
Page 120 - Thou art my life; if thou but turn away, My life's a thousand deaths: thou art my way; Without thee, Lord, I travel not, but stray. My light thou art; without thy glorious sight, Mine eyes are dark'ned with perpetual night: My God, thou art my way, my life, my light.
Page 26 - We trudge, we travel, but from pain to pain, And what's our only grief's our only cure : The world's a torment...
Page 120 - Thou art my life, my way, my light ; in thee I live, I move, and by thy beams I see. Thou art my life ; if thou but turn away, My life's a thousand deaths: thou art my way; Without thee, LORD, I travel not, but stray.

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