Quatrains of Omar Khayyam: In English Prose

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Brentano's, 1898 - 111 pages
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Page 104 - I am sped, appoint a meet(104) ing and when ye have met together, be ye glad thereof, and when the cup-bearer holds in her hand a flagon of old wine, then think upon old Khayyam and drink to his memory.
Page 22 - Yesterday I beheld at the bazaar a potter smiths) ing with all his force the clay he was kneading. The earth seemed to cry out to him, " I also was such as thou — treat me therefore less harshly.
Page 81 - or, tout cela ne sert de rien. Plus je considere les choses de ce monde, plus je vois qu'il n'ya de bien que le bien : tout le reste n'est rien. McCarthy There is no shield to save you from the spear-cast of (105) destiny. Glory, gold, silver, each avails not. The more I ponder on this world and its gear, the more I am assured that to be good is all ; the rest avails not. Against death's arrows what are bucklers worth ? What all the pomps and riches of the earth ? When I survey the world, I see no...
Page 46 - I'alle'gresse, car tu ne sais pas oil tu iras. Be on your guard, my friend, for you will be sundered from your soul, you will pass behind the curtain of the secrets of heaven. Drink wine, for you know not whence you come. Be merry, for you know not where you go. Make haste ! soon must you quit this life below, And pass the veil, and Allah's secrets know ; Make haste to take your pleasure while you may, You wot not whence you come, nor whither go. Ah Brother, but a little while...
Page 9 - ... rubis, une ceuvre de poe"sie, un instant de repit dans la vie et la moitie" d'un pain. Si avec cela je pouvais, ami, demeurer pres de toi, dans quelque lieu en ruine, ce serait un bonheur pre'fe'rable a celui d'un sultan dans son royaume. McCarthy Give me a flagon of red wine, a book of verses, (449) a loaf of bread and a little idleness. If with such store I might sit by thy dear side in some lonely place, I should deem myself happier than a king in his kingdom.
Page 107 - The pupil to the master, stayed his course And craved his patience. Omar gazed at me With the grave sweetness which his servants loved, And gave me leave to speak, which I, on fire To tell the thing I thought, made haste to do, And poured my babble in the master's ear Of solving human doubt. When I had done, And...
Page 65 - THOU whom all creation seeks in despair, the dervish and the rich man alike find no way to reach unto Thee. Thy name is in the mouth of all men, but all are deaf. Thou art present to all eyes, but all are blind.
Page 29 - this world's phantasmagoria is a vision, which rises from a boundless ocean, and sinks again into the same ocean from which it arose".
Page 57 - ... (8) de demain, empresse-toi de re"jouir ton coeur plein de tristesse ; bois, 6 lune adorable ! bois dans une coupe vermeille, car la lune du firmament tournera bien longtemps (autour de la terre), sans nous y retrouver. McCarthy Since no man dares play prophet for to-morrow, (9) hasten to lift thy heavy-laden heart. Drain, O delightful Moon, a crimson cup, for heaven's moon will turn a weary while and fail to find us.
Page 111 - This singing sinner ; for I surely knew That all the leaves of every rose that dripped Its tribute on the tomb where Omar sleeps, Were tears and kisses that should smooth away His record of offence ; for Omar sinned, Since Omar was a man. He wished to sleep Beneath a veil of roses; Heaven heard, Forgave, and granted, and the perfumed pall Hides the shrine's whiteness. Glory to Allah...

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