Queen Hildegarde: A Story for Girls

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A classic story of the bratty kid who goes to the country and turns over a new leaf--except that Hildegarde Graham doesn't need much prompting. Queen Hildegarde is pretty good, but the rest of the series--especially book three onwards--is better.

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Page 129 - And have they ta'en him, Kinmont Willie, Against the truce of Border tide? And forgotten that the bauld Buccleuch Is Keeper here on the Scottish side?
Page 210 - ... drank wi' him, welcom'd him in ; She welcom'd the villain that slew her baron ! She kept him till morning, syne bade him be gane, And shaw'd him the road that he shou'dna be taen. " Thro' Birss and Aboyne," she says, " lyin in a tour, O'er the hills o' Glentanar you'll skip in an hour." — There's grief in the kitchen, and mirth in the ha'; But the Baron o
Page 132 - With ten thousand such men our brother in Scotland might shake the firmest throne in Europe.
Page 129 - Christ's curse on my head," he said, "But avenged of Lord Scroope I'll be!
Page 101 - Ball, by the celebrated distich : — " When Adam delved and Eve span, Where was then the gentleman...
Page 95 - By them it is I mean. The one of them hight Adam Bell, The other, Clym of the Clough,* The third was William of Cloudesly, An archer good enough. They were outlawed for venison, These yeomen every chone; They swore them brethren upon a day, To English-wood for to gone.
Page 257 - She threw the ray of light — oh ! how dim it was, and how heavy and close the darkness pressed ! — on the side of the pit, and saw that it was a rough and jagged wall, with stones projecting at intervals. A moment's survey satisfied her. Setting the lantern carefully at a little distance, and bidding Will...
Page 253 - Groping her way, her hand touched the stone wall ; but she drew it back hastily, so damp and cold the stones were. Darker and darker here ; she must light the lantern before she ventured down the long 16 flight of steps.
Page 255 - taking herself by both ears," as she expressed it afterwards, walked steadily forward, pushed aside the dense tangle of vines and bushes, and stooped down to enter the black hole which led into the vault of the mill. A rush of cold air met her, and beat against her face like a black wing that brushed it.
Page 262 - she added, breaking off hastily, " where have you been, and what have you been doing to get yourself into such a state ? " Well might the good woman exclaim, while the farmer gazed in silent astonishment.

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