Queen Mab, with Notes

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Published at the "Beacon" office, by G. Vale, no. 94 Roosevelt-street., 1842 - Počet stran: 124
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Strana 53 - And among these nations shalt thou find no ease, neither shall the sole of thy foot have rest...
Strana 25 - An equal amidst equals : happiness And science dawn, though late, upon the earth ; Peace cheers the mind, health renovates the frame ; Disease and pleasure cease to mingle here, Reason and passion cease to combat there ; Whilst each unfettered o'er the earth extends Its all-subduing energies, and wields The sceptre of a vast dominion there...
Strana 39 - Atheism leaves a man to sense, to philosophy, to natural piety, to laws, to reputation; all which may be guides to an outward moral virtue, though religion were not; but superstition dismounts all these, and erecteth an absolute monarchy in the minds of men.
Strana 10 - How strange is human pride ! I tell thee that those living things To whom the fragile blade of grass That springeth in the morn And perisheth ere noon Is an unbounded world, — I tell thee that those viewless beings Whose mansion is the smallest particle Of the impassive atmosphere, — Think, feel, and live, like man ; That their affections and antipathies, Like his, produce the laws Ruling their moral state ; And the minutest throb That through their frame diffuses The slightest, faintest motion,...
Strana 25 - O almighty one, I tremble and obey ! ' " O Spirit ! centuries have set their seal On this heart of many wounds, and loaded brain, Since the Incarnate came ; humbly he came, Veiling his horrible Godhead in the shape Of man, scorned by the world, his name unheard Save by the rabble of his native town, Even as a parish demagogue.
Strana 11 - Yon sun, Lights it the great alone ? Yon silver beams, Sleep they less sweetly on the cottage thatch, Than on the dome of kings ? Is mother earth A step-dame to her numerous sons, who earn Her unshared gifts with unremitting toil ; A mother only to those puling babes Who, nursed in ease and luxury, make men The playthings of their babyhood, and mar, In self-important childishness, that peace Which men alone appreciate ? Spirit of Nature ! no ! The pure diffusion of thy essence throbs Alike in every...
Strana 6 - The Fairy and the Spirit Approached the overhanging battlement. — Below lay stretched the universe ! There, far as the remotest line, That bounds tmagination's flight, ' ; . Countless and unending orbs In mazy motion intermingled, Yet still fulfilled immutably Eternal Nature's law. Above, below, around The circling systems formed A wilderness of harmony : Each with undeviating aim, In eloquent silence through the depths of space Pursued its wondrous way.
Strana 35 - A husband and wife ought to continue so long united as they love each other : any law which should bind them to cohabitation for one moment after the decay of their affection would be a most intolerable tyranny, and the most unworthy of toleration.

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