Queen of Wilds - the Lidia Arcadia Story: From Street Corner to Penthouse Memoirs

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AuthorHouse, Apr 17, 2006 - Religion - 60 pages

A poetic and poignant journey into the life of this Atlantan, Lidia Arcadia, starts at the end of a phase of her life. She is about to taste the “FIRE”. What is the fire? Could this be the driving force behind her great wealth and prestige in this tall building she call her own? Or is it the years of wondering if God has something else for her and is she on the right path?


Lidia’s story is divided into acts or phases starting from a poor childhood in the slums of ATL watching the “IMPORTANTS” pass her at that famous street corner. A graphic description of her scheming and manipulating rise to the top is evoked. She becomes a “Great Landowner” but at what cost she asks herself incisively. Did she give up her spiritual virtue for the materialistic life that her emotions crave?


Love, family expectations and spirituality are elegantly explored to the point that you are no longer reading a novel but on a poetic journey praying that Lidia makes the right decision. Author Stoney P. Brown uses his knowledge of street life and his search for his moral soul to describe a woman at the crossroads of her life.


Lidia Arcadia – A WOMAN ready to leave the “FIRE” and pursue a God –purpose life or will she let the “FIRE” consume her? Read “Queen Of Wilds-The Lidia Arcadia Story.”

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About the author (2006)

Stoney P. Brown

Creator: Urbancamelot.Com


His story is simple....


One must purely know and understand the seed planting of his dry and droughtful past.


His story is a scripted study into his own life spirituality where he has gained an insightful knowledge to know that his mood, being human, does have some discrepancies. He is willing to discuss urban matters through his puzzling and paradox dialect. In a way that anyone would that, he has passionately walked and lived inside urban metropolitan Atlanta.


Stoney arose from the slums, those he describes as “upside down pyramids”. He was born to a single mother but secured in a close loving extended family. He created himself “A VOICE” fully equipped with a raw dialect, releasing two separate collections of diverse literary works.


The first writing was a four part series of satirical writings called, “The Children Of David-Warrior Chronicles.” This distinct collection of literature, ironically, depicts the sorrowful answer to an arrogant question, often asked by people that are not native Atlantans. The question, “Where is the people from Atlanta? I never meet anyone born and raised in Atlanta.” The Warrior Chronicle’s writing answers the question.... It began in the early 1980’s, for every one person killed in Atlanta, a generation died.


In 2005 he helped published the critical acclaimed “street play “God! She Need To Get Off Dat Street Corner! A step back into the Atlanta’s urban life is taken. Many urban neighborhoods have a street corner where lives are defined every day. A powerful and thought provoking glimpse in this life is examined and the question asked:” Is there more to life at this street corner?”


Do diversity matters? This young poet exemplifies the true meaning of diversity. From his raw-in your face- eclectic writings to the soft, elegant and zealous use of words in the “Sailing Visions” poetry edition, author Stoney P. Brown, whom been considered the “Ghetto Shakespeare” by his young inner-city readers. His creativity is not at its peek with these two different but overwhelmingly passionate, pieces of literary works. Now he has taken on a new challenge a novel,” Queen Of Wilds-The Lidia Arcadia Story”. A story begged for by his growing female fan base. This one continues in the raw dialectic description of living in the ATL………

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