Queering Christ: Beyond JESUS ACTED UP

Wipf and Stock Publishers, 01/01/2007 - 284 páginas
In 'Queering Christ', Robert E. Goss summarizes a decade of his thinking as a queer Christian theologian, sharing his queering of four critical areas: sexuality, Christ, the Bible, and theology. These areas form the quadrants of his own spirituality that aims at the queer reconstruction of Christianity and reflects a life that strives to integrate the depths of spirituality and sexuality with a practice of justice. Many aspects of the work are guaranteed to be highly controversial within and outside of the LGBT community.

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Out of the Closet and into the Streets
Catholic Anxieties over Fe Male Priests
Finding God in the HeartGenital Connection
Part 2
From Christ the Oppressor to Jesus the Liberator
Expanding Christs Wardrobe of Dresses
Homosexuality the Bible and the Practice of Safe Texts
Overthrowing Heterotextuality a Biblical Stonewall
Transgression as a Metaphor for Queer Theologies
From Gay Theology to Queer Sexual Theologies
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Dr. Robert E. Bob Goss is Pastor of MCC (Metropolitan Community Church) in the Valley in North Hollywood, California. Goss transferred as clergy into MCC from the Roman Catholic Church where he had been ordained as a Jesuit priest. He earned a Th.D. from Harvard University and taught courses in Religious Studies at the university level for ten years. Dr. Goss has written or edited seven other titles, including 'JESUS ACTED UP: A Gay and Lesbian Manifesto', 'Take Back the Word: A Queer Reading of the Bible', and 'The Queer Bible Commentary.'

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