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Nonfiction Usage Patent UsageAn Atm Cell Processor: Patented by Kevin Dewar, Brendan O'Dowd and Gavin Brebner on December 15, 1998. Abstract: An ATM cell processor (10) has a backplane interface (11), a line interface (15), and various processing functions between the interfaces. Cells directed to the line interface (15) are controlled by a queueing function (12) which uses external cell memory via a controller (13) and external control memory via a controller (14). Cells from the backplane are identified and routed by a mapping function (16).Device and method for implementing queueing disciplines at high speeds: Patented by Michael G. Hluchyj and Amit Bhargava on July 5, 1991. Abstract: A device (800) and method (900) are included for providing a high-rate queueing discipline in an information network system having a plurality of traffic classes. The high-rate queueing discipline is based on a scan table-based dequeueing scheme having a scan table that is precomputed and stored in memory, thus facilitating rapid processing of different traffic class information. The device and method are particularly useful in a fast packet system.Efficient distributed queueing random access method for the medium access control layer in networks with broadcast channels: Patented by Mete Kabatepe on May 1, 1995. Abstract: An efficient distributed queueing random access method and network system provide, in the medium access control layer in networks with broadcast channels, for conserving reservation bandwidth and concomitantly providing immediate transmission access, wherein, prior to receiving a first time slot, a plurality of reservation slot parameters are initialized by a user.Method and System for Call Queueing and Customer Application Interaction: Patented by Jason Rupe and Earl Tegan on July 31, 2002. Abstract: A system and method provide for the processing and routing of incoming calls for a call center. The system is specially configured such that incoming calls are prioritized and placed in a virtual queue if it is determined that a live call attendant is not available. While in the queue, the system is further configured such that the caller may initiate and participate in various interactive functions while simultaneously maintaining their priority position in the virtual call queue.Method for generating a correlated sequence of variates with desired marginal distribution for testing a model of a communications system: Patented by Benjamin Melamed and David Jagerman on September 2, 1990. Abstract: To provide a time series having correlated interarrival times for use in traffic and queueing studies, an independent identically distributed random number stream is first transformed to a sequence of correlated uniform variates by a special modulo-1 autoregressive operation and then further transformed into a sequence of correlated variates with a prescribed marginal distribution from which there is developed the desired time studies.Method for prioritizing cell streams in systems which transmit information by an asynchronous transfer mode (ATM): Patented by Uwe Briem on June 1, 1998. Abstract: In up-to-date ATM network systems, data in cells is transmitted by the weighted fair queueing scheduling process. To use connection sections in a particularly efficient manner, the cell streams are prioritized on the basis of said known process in that the weighting factors allocated to a first quantity of cell streams are selected in a very different manner to the weighting factors allocated to the remaining quantity of cell streams.Priority queueing: Patented by Vineet Mehta, Martin Ernst Mueller, Muralidharan Sampath Kodialam and Yung-Terng Wang on September 9, 1999. Abstract: Apparatus and a method are disclosed for providing a priority queuing arrangement in the transmit direction in Inter-Working Units (IWUs) that permits Frame Relay data packets or ATM cells from channels that have contracted for a particular level of bandwidth service

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